Auto Crane at DP World
5 mins 1 mth

DP World Doesn’t Pay Its Fair Share Of Taxes

DP World, the naming sponsor of the European Tour, is a major tax minimiser. It is one of those large corporations that does its level best to legally pay as little tax as possible. Perhaps, this is why it can afford to sponsor golf to this extent? However, in my opinion, DP World doesn’t pay its fair share of taxes. As much as I wish for elite professional golfers to be able to earn lots of prize money I reckon that governments like Australia require tax revenue to fund health, education, and infrastructure more.

Moore Park golf
7 mins 1 mth

Moore Park Golf: The Sacrificial Scapegoat

I have a disclosure to make first up. Moore Park was one of my regular golfing spots when I first started playing golf. I don’t know if you went through that stage of playing on your own or trying to play at any rate. Not being a member of any club or social club at the very start of my golfing journey I would venture out to public courses like Moore Park and hire clubs. It had a driving range so it made a fair bit of sense. Hearing now that it is for the chop it was a shock to the system. Moore Park Golf: The sacrificial scapegoat.

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walking down the fairway of life
9 mins 1 mth

Walking Down The Fairway Of Life

He stuffed the last greasy mouthful of double beef burger into his mouth. Juggling its packaging in one paw and propelling his trolley with the other he kept on walking down the fairway of life. Brown remnants of some sauce snaked down his chin. The glistening temporarily stained skin made him look like there had been a major culinary accident in the vicinity. This was eating on the run golf style. Getting something substantial into you at the halfway mark. Nine holes had been and gone. Nine more holes had just begun. I don’t know how he does it, digesting mid stride and mid swing.

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yes or no: the vote of a nation

Yes Or No: The Vote Of A Nation

5 mins 3 mths

Yes or No is the kind of two horse race that Aussies like. Think of the lasting popularity of Two-Up. Yes Or No: The Vote Of A Nation. There is a decision to be made about a contest and just a couple of possibilities. What could be better? Yes or No will decide the fate of others – so no skin off my nose mate. Yes or No is a binary question – whatever that means. Across the nation, from Bruny Island to Cape York, Australians will be casting their vote for an Aboriginal say in their future handling. A referendum about the Australian Constitution – whatever that says anyway. It is a compulsory vote by the way.

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The Stoic Golfer by Robert Sudha Hamilton
1 4 mins 3 mths

Rory McIlroy Used Stoicism To Start Winning Again

It did not surprise me to discover that Rory McIlroy used Stoicism to start winning again. In 2018, apparently Rory consulted this timeless philosophy to overcome his performance slump in golf. I know myself through my research into Marcus Aurelius’ Stoic treatise “Meditations” that it provides a powerful body of knowledge to call upon. In writing, “The Stoic Golfer: Finding Inner Peace & Focus on the Fairway” I was impressed at just how relevant the information was in relation to playing competitive golf. The battlefield and the golf course share distinct characteristics well worth examining in a Stoic light.

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photo of man playing golf
5 mins 3 mths

Learning To Take Lightly From Golf

I have been learning to take lightly from golf of late. What do I mean by this statement? The game of golf, as many of us well know, is a myriad of highs and lows, demanding a plethora of skills and a Stoic sensibility. Over the last few years I have been going at it like a bull in a China shop. Playing competitively up to 5 times a week and practising several times per week as well. I rebuilt my swing after copious lessons and YouTube video consultations. My intention was to become the best darned golfer I could be. End result I burned out and became mentally fractured. Now, I am reappraising my approach to golf and have taken a few steps back in a bid to regain my love for the sport.

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Viktor Hovland: Viktorious at Tour Championship
7 mins 3 mths

Viktor Hovland: Viktorious At Tour Championship

Viktor Hovland has arrived on golf’s biggest stage. He came, he saw, and he conquered. Viktor Hovland: Viktorious at Tour Championship in Georgia. Donald Trump was arraigned down the road on indictment charges for attempting to rig the Presidential election in 2020. East Lake is a big time golf course with a rich history involving the greats like Bobby Jones. Unlike Donald Trump Viktor was a real winner and not a cheat. Is there anything worse than someone who cheats at golf? Probably, but it does not sit well with me and says something about some Americans.

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black chain
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Golf and Slavery: Its Intersection in the South

Golf is a game with a rich history of class consciousness. A game played by masters and their servants or caddies. Wealthy early golfers did not just have a single caddie to carry their bag and clubs but a forecaddie as well to spot where their golf ball landed. This is where we get the warning cry ‘fore’ from, as caddies and then players loudly announce the impending arrival of a struck golf ball. Golf originated in Scotland and then, England, but soon emigrated, as a pastime, to the new world in America and Australia. Games like golf were, in the 19C and early 20C, for those with the necessary wealth to indulge in recreational activities. The masters of these colonial times were partial to the odd spot of golf. Golf and slavery: Its intersection in the South of the United States of America was not altogether uncommon.

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selective focus photography of person holding golf ball
4 mins 4 mths

Sometimes I Think That You Just Don’t Care!

Sometimes I think that you just don’t care! I mean, the amount of time and energy I put into you. Not to mention the money. I give, give, give and give more. You take, take, take and take me to the cleaners. What kind of bloody relationship is this anyway? I don’t know how much more of this I can handle. Hell’s bells, the one way nature of this whole thing, just makes me sick. What about me, it isn’t bloody fair? I cannot remember the last time I came home with something I could count on. I can’t remember the last time I really felt that you cared.

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woman wearing tank top touching glass panel
5 mins 4 mths

Songs For Golf

Have you ever hummed a few tunes whilst playing golf? I have found that it can help with maintaining a good swing tempo throughout the round. There is music in them moves necessary to play golf, you just have to find it. Of course, a lot of popular tunes come with lyrics and this is where the fun starts. If you begin thinking about applicable words that match with your golfing a whole universe of possibilities opens up. So, here are a few of my favourites to keep the topic humming along. Songs for golf and words worth swinging along to on any given Saturday, Sunday, and golf day ending in ‘y’.

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Closeup on golf ball in grass
4 mins 5 mths

Whelmed By The Open

It is the last major of the year and I am just whelmed by The Open championship. It hasn’t been an overwhelming experience by any measure but, honestly, neither am I underwhelmed by it. Whelmed is about the extent of it, so far, at any rate. We have a wee chap by the name of Brian Harman, who, apparently, likes to relax by shooting Bambi, with a 5 stroke lead going into Sunday. The great British hopes are being cheered like conquering heroes but cannot make birdies. Rory is attracting the fans like a white Tiger but all the roars are sadly empty of any meaning on the score board.

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Golfers vintage drawing
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Open Thoughts Of Golf

The British Open is at Hoylake but you must call it The Open. Looking at this year’s edition of the championship you can see that they have saved a lot of money on trees. Big crowds turn out for this golfing classic on the calendar. Royal Liverpool looks in good nick and the weather has been surprisingly fine for a British Open (sorry Open Championship). Dale Hayes, the South African golf commentator, made me smile when he described New Zealand golfer Ryan Fox’s speed of play like someone being chased by a policeman. A quick game is a good game in my book. Open thoughts of golf can do your head in.

4 mins 6 mths

Ricky Don’t Lose That Number

Watching the final round of the US Open at LACC that song popped into my head. Ricky Fowler had been leading the field for most of the tournament and many of us were barracking for Ricky. In large part because Ricky had been doing it tough for a few years and always seemed like a pretty decent guy. Ricky don’t lose that number because you are going to need that score when all is said and done on Sunday. The US Open is a gruelling test of golf and perhaps the most demanding of all the majors.

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