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The Importance Of Developing A Solid Technique In Golf

One of the clearest challenges in golf I personally find in relation to the mental game is what is going through my mind during the round at key moments. By this I mean we play golf over 18 holes for around 4 to 5 hours and at various times my head makes no sense in golfing terms. It may be standing over a putt or on the tee with club in hand and suddenly there are no constructive thoughts to accompany the production of my stroke. Why is this so? I mean for the majority of these situations I have the appropriate stuff upstairs to make things happen. The importance of developing a solid technique in golf stand out in these moments.

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Playing Golf In Extreme Humidity

The weather sucks big time folks. Playing golf in extreme humidity is no walk in the park. It saps your energy like listening to your angry spouse. You get to the golf course at your usual time. You head out to hit a few warmup balls on the range. In no time at all, you are drenched in sweat. Your golf shirt is a wet sponge soaking up all that stinky perspiration. How does it get any better than this? There must have been good reason for golf to originate in chilly Scotland or Holland.

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The Confessional Release Via The Church Of Golf

When I first thought about the Church of Golf it was done with a sense of humour. However, in all seriousness I really think it could be a thing. Ask yourself how many times have you come off the course after your round feeling like shit because you have had a real bad one. I mean you went into that round with great expectations and hope in your heart only to emerge battered and bruised egotistically. You used to think that you could play this dumb game. You half reckoned you might be a golfer. But now you know you totally suck at this maddening game called golf. Discover the confessional release from the Church of Golf.

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Moore Park Golf: The Sacrificial Scapegoat

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I have a disclosure to make first up. Moore Park was one of my regular golfing spots when I first started playing golf. I don’t know if you went through that stage of playing on your own or trying to play at any rate. Not being a member of any club or social club at the very start of my golfing journey I would venture out to public courses like Moore Park and hire clubs. It had a driving range so it made a fair bit of sense. Hearing now that it is for the chop it was a shock to the system. Moore Park Golf: The sacrificial scapegoat.

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Walking Down The Fairway Of Life

He stuffed the last greasy mouthful of double beef burger into his mouth. Juggling its packaging in one paw and propelling his trolley with the other he kept on walking down the fairway of life. Brown remnants of some sauce snaked down his chin. The glistening temporarily stained skin made him look like there had been a major culinary accident in the vicinity. This was eating on the run golf style. Getting something substantial into you at the halfway mark. Nine holes had been and gone. Nine more holes had just begun. I don’t know how he does it, digesting mid stride and mid swing.

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Club Championship Golf: The Unvarnished Truth

o, you have been playing golf for a while. Indeed, you are a member of a golf club. A real 7 day member with full playing rights. This means that you are entitled to compete in honour board events like the annual Club Championship. This is the numero uno event on the golfing calendar in clubland. The A grade club champion rules the roost in sheer golfing ability terms, as defined by victory in this major tournament. No other golfer can claim to be better at this club because the proof is in the results. Club Championship Golf: The unvarnished truth is sometimes hard to bear.

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Would Golf Be Better Off With 12 Holes?

It may sound sacrilegious to suggest this, but – would golf be better off with 12 holes? Stick with me on this for a few moments. Yes, we love our golf; but is nearly 5 hours of play just too much in the modern era? If you break down your round how much of it do you actually enjoy. Think about all that waiting around between shots and behind that dawdling four ball in front. Consider the endless delays in getting the job done over 18 holes. Is it really the most economical use of your leisure time on the weekend or whenever you get to play?

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What Is Golf?

What is golf? It is a vicious arrangement where nature takes its revenge on hapless human beings for seemingly no reason but to get its kicks. Talk about passive aggressive. Golf is a game (LOL). In this game you have 18 holes artfully plotted over an area of land. On this land there are a number of hazards or penalty areas. These may include bodies of water, wild bushland, and desert like sand traps. The aim of the game is to get a small white ball from one end of a strip of land to the other, where a small hole is located. This hole is demarked by a flag on the end of a thin pole.

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Europe Wins Ryder Cup 2023

Team Europe were finally challenged by team USA on the last day of the Ryder Cup but finished with the victory. Final scoreline was Europe 16.5 USA 11.5. The Americans made a fight of it in the 12 singles matches and showed some class and grit. The opening game featured Jon Rahm and Scottie Scheffler and it swung back and forth throughout the afternoon. The match was halved on the 18th after Rahm fought back to claim a draw with the world number one. Europe wins Ryder Cup 2023 on the back of some outstanding efforts by the senior players on their team.

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Ryder Cup Rumble In Rome

The Ryder Cup is without doubt the finest golf on TV. International team golf features the cream of the crop and sets up some high drama for fans of the sport to watch. Scottie Scheffler weeping in the arms of his wife after he and Brookes Koepka were totally outclassed in the morning foursomes on day two. There are not many other sporting contests where you will witness such scenes. The Ryder Cup rumble in Rome is one of those rare sporting events where everything is on the table for all to see. Golf does not get much better than this.

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The Astrology of Golf

Now, a lot of folks discount the veracity of astrology. They doubt the power of the horoscope to hone in on particular human traits. Some, even, fail to comprehend the acute insight provided by an understanding of the stars and their influence upon our lives. This is despite the scientific fact that we are made up of the same stuff as that of the heavenly bodies. So, of course, we are affected by the movement of the stars through the zodiac. The astrology of golf, is merely, another element to consider in the expanding universe.

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The Economics Of Golf

Listening To Sam Torrance commentating at the British PGA at Wentworth recently I was fascinated to hear him mention the origins of foursomes. Sam talked about how the price of a golf ball back in the day was equivalent to around 3 month’s wages. This meant that a form of golf where 2 players shared the 1 golf ball was a smart economical move. Foursomes was that game and thus it was born at clubs like Muirfield. Where, according to Sam’s account it is still played more often than other forms of competitive golf by the members in true Scottish fashion. The economics of golf impacts the game in many ways and has done over the journey.

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