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Golf is a wonderfully visual sport and pastime, where nature meets human endeavour both in triumph and disaster. Watch my golf videos for better or worse. I have created them for all those who have swung a club in hope and fury. The game of golf demands intent and an ability to laugh at your own mistakes. The perfectionist doesn’t usually last long in the small ball game, as bile and disappointment drowns their enjoyment. It takes a big heart to accept the many mishits, bad breaks, golf balls in divots, plugged lies in bunkers, annoying playing partners, self-imposed stuff ups, lip outs, lost balls, and the litany of other unfortunate occurrences on the golf course.

Watch My Golfing Videos For A Laugh

Indeed, this menu of malpractices on the golf course can make for great fodder for the budding video director and editor. Loving the game of golf means accepting the bad and the good. We play to excel but we generally fall short. We strive for perfection but often end up with egg on our face. The golfer stands on that first tee with hope in her or his heart. A few waggles later and the fun starts, as we hook or slice our golf ball into the trees. The fairway is a goal but finding it can be a challenge, especially at the start of a round. How long can hope and high expectation endure in the face of failures? Grin and bear it, my son or daughter. Grin and bear it, is about all we can do.

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I hope that you enjoy watching my golf videos and can garner some life affirming emotion from the experience. Golf can be hard and we all need a little light relief every now and then. I often hum along to tunes of favourite pop songs and sometimes change the lyrics to be about golf. ‘Love lift us up to where we belong’ – can be a stirring  ditty when morphed into a golfing song about getting a great drive away. The realm of golf can be about more than equipment and swing mechanics. We need to stir the heart to fully engage with the great game of golf. Video can be another means of making us laugh, smile, and maybe get inspired. The majestic expanse of the golfing arena and our opportunity to smash a mighty drive down the fairway is not something you get to do in any other sphere of human life. Reflecting on what makes golf special is, I think, a worthy thing to do when not actually playing golf.

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Episode 12: The Politics of Grievance Robert Sudha Hamilton's Podcast

America is the great democratic experiment. Although, this is getting on for some 250 years now. This nation is in the grip of the politics of grievance. Partisan politics in America is more about hating the other side than particularly loving the side you are voting for. Americans have been encouraged to focus their attention upon their grievances via decades of negative campaigning and attack ads. Demonizing ‘the other’ is the favoured political pastime in the 21C. Identity politics and social values are the main game these days. Economic issues are now seen through this ideological filter.Murdoch, Fox & Stirring Grievance In AmericaRupert Murdoch and his Fox News are merchants of toxic polarization. This network is spewing out lies and fake news 24/7. Every presentation is top heavy in anti-woke content and a right wing bias. Regular viewers are sucked into a spin cycle of libertarian anti-government GOP grievance stoking. Old white men upset at their changing worlds, where heaven forbid minorities are now getting a say. OMG the sky is going to fall in. In this partisan realm complaints about there being too many coloured faces on TV and LGBTQIA folk making too much noise are legion. Uppity women talking about sexual harassment and such like make their viewer’s blood boil – which is the whole idea for Fox. Getting their audience riled up keeps eyeballs on them and advertising rates going up for their revenue.Popularizing Poisonous Issues For Political GainThe politics of grievance is all about popularizing these causes for the benefit of candidates and the party. The party promoting these grievances doesn’t need positive policies. They just bang on about how the other side is to blame for the problem. 
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