The Stoic Golfer by Robert Sudha Hamilton
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It did not surprise me to discover that Rory McIlroy used Stoicism to start winning again. In 2018, apparently Rory consulted this timeless philosophy to overcome his performance slump in golf. I know myself through my research into Marcus Aurelius’ Stoic treatise “Meditations” that it provides a powerful body of knowledge to call upon. In writing, “The Stoic Golfer: Finding Inner Peace & Focus on the Fairway” I was impressed at just how relevant the information was in relation to playing competitive golf. The battlefield and the golf course share distinct characteristics well worth examining in a Stoic light.

Champion Golfer Draws Upon Stoic Principles To Play Best Golf

Play it as it lies! Acceptance: Stoicism advocates accepting everything that happens, including both good and bad, as a natural part of life. The fundamental credo in golf is – ‘play it as it lies.’ Therefore, stop wasting time and energy complaining about stuff. Accept what you cannot change and make the best of it. Stoics rise above their circumstances via their character and commitment to virtuousness. The power is within and not from without. Only victims give away their power to outside agencies. Tranquility and inner peace are available once you have regained control of your emotional responses to events in your life. Resilience comes to those who grasp this mantle in their lives. If Rory grasped the above it will serve him well at the pointy end of professional golf.

Rory McIlroy used Stoicism

“ “Books,” Rory McIlroy says. “I have some on my phone and e-books just as references, and you can highlight stuff, but I take it in more when I’m holding the book and get to turn the pages.” “

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The Stoic Golfer & Rory McIlroy

Becoming a Stoic golfer can change one’s whole experience of golf’s mental game. We all know how much of the game of golf is played upstairs inside the mind. Acceptance is so important in playing golf at a high level for both performance and enjoyment. You cannot rage against the rub of the green and expect to play your best golf over nearly 5 hours.

Stoicism teaches us that we must play it as it lies and stop wasting valuable energy complaining and emoting. Get on with the job and rise above misfortune. You can see how well Rory McIlroy copes with things not going his way and soldiering on. Rory is a great example of the power of Stoicism in the game of golf.

Stoic Golfer Tips For Mental Game Mastery

You are not your feelings! The Stoics believed that emotions such as fear, anger, and desire could cloud our judgement and lead us away from the path of wisdom and virtuous living. They taught that individuals could achieve tranquility and inner peace by understanding the nature of the universe, accepting the inevitable, and practicing self-control and restraint in their thoughts and actions. Your emotional reactions to things that happen in your life and on the golf course are not who you are. You are not your feelings, predominantly, despite the intensity of the moment! The Stoic golfer breathes beyond the reactivity and finds a better way. Remembering the Stoic principles throughout your round of golf can lead you to the promised land of victory.

Gritty grace is required during a round of competitive golf to meet the challenges and move on.

Wisdom from The Stoic Golfer: Finding Inner Peace & Focus on the Fairway by Robert Sudha Hamilton

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