OPEC in cahoots with Putin's Russia
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The Saudi’s are purposely reducing oil production to drive prices up at the bowser. Of course, the Saudi’s are the backers of LIV Golf and paying all those hundreds of millions of dollars to already highly paid golfers like Jon Rahm. If you watch LIV Golf you are supporting higher petrol prices. Nothing happens in a bubble; everything is linked somehow. The money has to come from somewhere and in this case it comes from the Public Investment Fund (PIF). PIF get its money from oil sales. OPEC is in cahoots with Putin’s Russia about oil production cuts to raise the price per barrel.

“Saudi Arabia, de facto leader of the Organization for the Petroleum Exporting Countries, will extend its voluntary crude production cut of 1 million barrels per day until the end of the second quarter, the state-owned Saudi Press Agency said Sunday, citing a source from the country’s Ministry of Energy.”

The LIV golf controversy

Fuel Prices Going Up Thanks To Saudi’s

Have you noticed that the price of fuel at the petrol station has suddenly gone way up? Well, the Saudi’s as the leaders of OPEC, have seriously cut production in order to drive up the price. Why would they do this? Some say it is to do with getting Donald Trump elected, as high gas prices for Americans makes them mad at the incumbent President. Whatever the reason the fact is that in the middle of a cost of living crisis they are making things worse for ordinary folk. It is crazy to support LIV Golf when that money is coming from the Saudi’s.

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LIV Golf An Expensive Taste For Ordinary Motorists

If you don’t like paying high petrol prices, send a message and turn off LIV Golf. If you are sick of being treated like shit by rich people stop supporting their product. Why should corporations make record profits while you and I are struggling. Corporations should help people during tough times not make them worse off on purpose. In this world full of morally deficient entities like PIF, ordinary people can only vote with their feet. Why should we pay for already incredibly rich golfers to become obscenely wealthy at our expense! These scumbags are buying professional golf, they are turning a great game into a plaything for filthy rich folk. All these LIV golfers are tainted in my book – they took the money! We pay through the nose at the petrol pump and their obscene profits line the pockets of already rich golfers. Turn off LIV Golf.


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