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Everybody knows that Donald Trump is a compulsive liar, even his supporters know that. That Republicans are nominating Trump to be their presidential candidate once again is an indictment on America. It tells the world that a liar, a fraud, and a rapist is OK to be their guy in the White House. These Americans don’t care about truth, character, and accountability – they only care about winning. The loud mouthed Trump wins when the game is rigged. He cheats at golf – which is a sin, if you know anything about the game of golf. There is no point in playing the game if people cheat.

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Trump Cheats At Golf All The Time

Think about that for a bit. To all the golfers who love to play the game. For all of us who play regularly at golf clubs around the globe. There is no point in teeing it up in a competition if there are cheats in the field. Donald J Trump is a massive cheater at golf – a respected American journalist has written a whole book on the topic. He claims course records at his own golf courses. He is a seriously f***** up individual. A narcissist and a compulsive liar. Go online and you will find plenty of first hand accounts of those who have witnessed Trump cheating at golf.


Life Like Golf Needs Rules & Cheaters Must Be Banned

Life is like golf. If you are really into golf and play a lot you will have realised this. There are strict rules in the game of golf. If players don’t adhere to those rules there is no point playing competitively at all. Golf has an etiquette and protocols – these are adjunct guidelines, which make playing the game run more smoothly. If you play with golfers who don’t abide by these it is often a jarring experience and pretty bloody annoying.

The game of golf would not exist without its rules of competition and its etiquette.

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No One Is Bigger Than The Game Itself

Once the rules are gone and have been muddied by the constant lies of a BS merchant like Trump – there is no longer any point in playing the game. No one is bigger than the game itself. Not Tiger Woods or anyone else. The game and its structure is what is really important. If you are a golfer and you love and respect the game, then, you cannot support Trump. These positions are mutually contradictory.

Cheating is a sin in golf and compulsive cheating and lying is unforgivable in life and in golf.

“Trump doesn’t just cheat at golf,” Reilly wrote. “He throws it, boots it, and moves it. He lies about his lies. He fudges and foozles and fluffs. At Winged Foot, where Trump is a member, the caddies got so used to seeing him kick his ball back onto the fairway they came up with a nickname for him: ‘Pele.’”

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No point playing the game if people cheat!