Golf Book Green Cathedral Dreams by Robert Sudha Hamilton

The Golf Book Reminded Me About What’s Important

“A lot of golf books focus on one small part of the game like swing technique or the mental strategies, but this book encompasses a whole lot more. Green Cathedral Dreams tees it up and let’s fly with a scope that’s a whole lot bigger. It made me think about golf in new ways and explored what I enjoy about the game. A good read for all golfers who really love this game.

I take my son golfing and he has a natural talent for the game. It is something we have thought about taking further with professional coaching. The Golf Book reminded me of how special sharing these moments with my son on the golf course really are. It is easy to forget this and get caught up with working all the time. We all need to stop and remember what’s important sometimes.”

Stewart Dawes, CEO, Atomic Digital Marketing

This Book Surprised Me!

“I didn’t think I would like this book, as I am no longer a keen golfer. I used to play when I was younger but that was a while ago. The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams by Robert Sudha Hamilton is well written and it captures the essence of the golfing experience. Reading this book I was transported back to some of my highs and lows out on the course. I laughed out loud at some of the descriptions of those moments when golf brings you to your knees. Hitting multiple trees in a ricochet symphony as your golf ball becomes a pinball and ends up god knows where. Duffing shots into the drink and paying the price on your scorecard. The crazy drama that is a round of golf in its own green microcosm. If you want a good read and golf is your game, this is the book for you. If you enjoy something that is written with verve and passion, then, whether you golf or not, I recommend this book.”

Phillip Warren, The Book Shop

The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams

“This is a book about golf and in particular why the game of golf is so special. It is a book about why I love the game and why it has captured my passion and imagination. Golf is unlike most other sporting contests in that you play primarily against the course and to a lesser extent against your playing partners and other competing golfers. The lie of the land challenges you from the opening tee shot until the final putt drops.”

My intention in writing this book is to get inside some of the magical moments and some of the more humorous aspects of the game of golf. There is an undeniable communing with nature flavour underpinning the game of golf, where the field of play is so massive and majestic. If you love reading and would like to discover more about the psychological side of things this is the book for you. I play a lot of golf and have endeavoured to share what goes on inside of me because it may prove useful to you too.”

Guaranteed to lower your handicap by 10 strokes (just kidding). It may, however, shine a light on a few aspects of your game and offer up a few solutions. May the golfing gods be on your side within the green cathedral.”

Robert Sudha Hamilton