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The Golf Book PDF version

Get into the green cathedral and recognise the nature of the beast. What is it about white belts and golfers? Why do we miss those short putts? Are you an angry golfer? Discover mental strategies for better golf. The reality is that it is all about preparation if you really want to play good golf consistently. This book is full of useful stuff, funny stuff, and some inspirational writing too. Come on a journey with me into the golfer’s kitbag and the psychology we all mess with when we deign to play golf.


This is more than just another book about golf. The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams soars like a Bryson drive and the spires of a magnificent cathedral. If you love golf you will enjoy getting inside the whole experience with me. The magical realm of a beautiful golf course, where you do battle with the elements, your game, and the course designer, are all engaging, as we know. The golf experience is like no other and this why we cannot get enough of it. Have you ever wondered what exactly are the essential parts of the game that keep you coming back for more? Take a trip with me into the dramatic forces at play within this great game of golf. Find out why we become so obsessed with it. Discover the mental challenges we all face out there on the links attempting to shoot our best score. Get into the mindset of someone who plays golf every day and who is seeking answers to some of the most important questions that the game asks of us.  I have put everything else aside in my life to focus on golf and becoming the best player I can be. At the same time, I am remaining very observant to see what this process is doing to me and what sacrifices are involved. This book is an experiential diary of a journey into the heart and soul of golf. I have mentioned humorously that single figure golfers don’t have many friends. Actually, this is pretty close to the truth of the matter because the unrelenting demand of golf at the pointy end can leave little time for relationships. Golf can be a vortex into which the seeker disappears in search of perfection.

Why Do People Read Books On Golf?

Some would say they are seeking greater insight into how to better play the game. Others may be after entertainment through reading anecdotes and funny stories about golf. There are those who are searching for a handle on the mental side of golf. Perhaps, they seek the psychological understanding of how best to cope with the stress of competing. Then again, there are those who are entranced by the mystical and magical qualities inherent within the game of golf. Many love to read about the very best golfers on the world stage. Hoping, perhaps, that something might rub off on their own game. The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams has all of these things inside its covers and more.

Who Wrote The Golf Book?

Robert Sudha Hamilton is a writer and historian. He has spent many years studying the goings on in the pages of ancient history in the hope of making some sense about our world. Playing golf sometimes kept him sane, striding out there on the golf course in all kinds of weather. Swinging a club made him feel alive, amid the triumphs and disasters during a round. The physical pursuit of golf is accompanied by our hopes and fears. Alexander the Great was a short Macedonian who conquered half the world, with sword in hand on the back of Bucephalus. A mighty round of golf can sometimes feel like you have done battle and come out the other side on top. The modern life is depressingly sedentary and all about pressing buttons. Golf has all these clubs and is played in the great outdoors. Competing at golf keeps some of us from becoming blunted. Devoting our energies into getting better at the game of golf sharpens our edge. Holding a club in hand and preparing for a shot can be exciting. The danger of risk reward gets the heart beating.

Golf involves strategy and psychology. You really get to know yourself out on the course. How you deal with perceived pressure or don’t. Golf becomes a microcosm for how you live your life. The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams elucidates this territory and provides solutions. Entertaining and challenging it dares to go where not many golf books have ever gone before. 251 pages in paperback. Also available as an ebook for your convenience.

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