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How To Play Golf: Like A Winner by Robert Sudha Hamilton ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing a manual for improving your golf game. Golf, as we all know, is a highly challenging game. Not because of its physical and athletic demands but because of its uniquely demanding mental element. The golf ball just sits there on the grassy ground and indifferently dares you to hit it toward your target. It seems too easy and you would be right on that score. Appearances can be deceptive and the game of golf plays with your perceptions. Frustration beckons the unwary beginner if he or she is not equipped with the necessary information. Reading this book will help you master the mental game.

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The information in this book will put the reader on the fast track program to playing better golf. How To Play Golf: Like A Winner lists all the basic requirements and then some to assist the golf beginner on their journey to golf competency. Understand your golf clubs, as these are the tools of the trade. Too many golf newbies only have a superficial theoretical relationship with the clubs in their bag. This is a result of the times in which we live, where most things are push button or touch screen. Golf is not like this. Golf is hands on and experiential! Getting in the right head space is the first step to playing winning golf.

The content within How To Play Golf: Like A Winner has been designed to emphasise the most important components within golfers wishing to succeed in their golfing aspirations. The information and instruction here will help them develop what is required to play golf at the level necessary to win. We all bring different things to our golf journey. Some of us will be time poor and others will be challenged in a variety of different ways. You may think it is because you cannot afford the best clubs. Or you lack the necessary accessories to really make your mark in the game. You might think that you are too old or too young. It may be because, in your opinion, you lack some physical attribute. However, I am here to tell you this is all baloney. The only thing you truly need is the will to compete and win. I have played with disabled golfers who have shown me what is possible. I have been consistently outputted by a blind golfer. What you need is the mental acuity to succeed and the right information. This book offers this essential information for you to play golf and win.