The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams

This is a book about golf and in particular why the game of golf is so special. It is a book about why I love the game and why it has captured my passion and imagination. Golf is unlike most other sporting contests in that you play primarily against the course and to a lesser extent against your playing partners and other competing golfers. The lie of the land challenges you from the opening tee shot until the final putt drops. The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams invokes the magic and majesty of those special moments on the golf course playing this great game. Available in paperback and online as an ebook.

Why Write a Golf Book?

My intention in writing this book is to get inside some of the magical moments and some of the more humorous aspects of the game of golf. There is an undeniable communing with nature flavour underpinning the game of golf, where the field of play is so massive and majestic. No other sport has this immense field of play. No other game tests your mettle from go to whoa. Only in golf are you best advised to learn to laugh at yourself if you are to survive the experience.

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Golf’s Intrinsic Nature is Special

Golf is special in no small part because it is a deeply unfair game. You get plenty of bad breaks in the game of golf and you just have to suck it up. These unfortunate bounces and unlucky lies make the sweet stuff all the more sweeter when things turn your way. People play golf for different reasons, but we all share the love or obsession with the essential nature of the game. It can be very frustrating at times and deeply satisfying when you pull a shot off. Golf is a marathon, however, and not a sprint, where cool and calm, most often, beats overly excited.

The Green Cathedral Analogy

Walking the fairways inside this green cathedral, breathing fresh air, and feeling alive is the foundation of playing the game of golf. On top of this comes a host of highs and lows, hits and misses, and accrued scores. Life on the links pits us against nature, whilst simultaneously being in its lively embrace. In my view, golf gives us a clearly defined mission with a set of rules to play by firmly in place. Modern life outside of the course can often lack this certainty.

I hope you will give my book a go, as I think you will find something in it for you. There is plenty of honest information about the golfing experience. This includes instructional tips, analysis, and strategies for playing better golf. Golf can be a lifelong journey and a deeply enjoyable one at that. Many of us seek to get better at this challenging game. I know I have invested a lot of time and passion in improving my swing and mental application in the spirit of becoming the best I can.

I hope you enjoy The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams. Robert Sudha Hamilton

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