Aussie golfers cursed at Masters
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You take the easy money. The LIV Golf millions. You play Mickey Mouse golf. Exhibition golf, rather than compete with golfers in the real thing over 4 rounds every week. Your game starts to suffer. Has Cam Smith fallen foul of greedy golfer syndrome? This is what generally happens to elite sports people when they take the easy money? The poor boy looked lost out there at Royal Queensland in the Australian PGA Championship. Had he got so relaxed from rolling in all that money that he, maybe, forgot what real golf in a real tournament felt like?

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Is This The Beginning Of A Cam Smith Slump?

Will Can Smith be able to fight his way back or is this the beginning of a slump? Life has been good, real good, perhaps too good? “Never gonna have to worry about money again folks. Me, I am sitting real pretty!” Glad handling with all the celebs back home. Way to go Cam! You’re the best bro! Doing lots of media interviews and such stuff. Every body wants his opinion on everything. Kiss arse world is Cam’s world. Hey, but golfs a grind.

I am thinking Ricky Fowler. I am thinking all those super golfers who just, like, disappeared from the winner’s circle.

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Cam Smith’s Celebrity Sinks The Golfer

There were all these guys dressed up in mullets and Cam Smith outfits at the Aussie PGA tournament. But the guy missed the cut by a whole bunch of shots. Cam Smith wont be playing on the weekend.  Commentators were saying that they had never seen Cam Smith play so poorly. He was putting so bad. His score was ballooning out and haemorrhaging.

Has Cam Smith fallen foul of greedy golfer syndrome? Those guys are paid a lot of dosh for smacking a little white ball about.

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Can Too Much Money, Easy Money, Extinguish The Hunger?

Local prodigy misses the cut by a lot. Newspaper headlines will be emblazoned with such stuff. Former champ plays like chump. Queensland in mourning for mullet wearing golfer’s horrendous rounds. Have the LIV Golf millions poisoned the soul of a great kid and former champion? Too much easy money can put the fire out inside. Everything seems to be too easy and golf suddenly gets hard.

The grind becomes a bloody struggle and rich people don’t need the grief. Money too nice to mention, but who needs the blues on the fairway buddy.

“4:22pm: A very emotional Cam Smith met with the media after he finished with a three-putt and a round of 79. At +9 for the event, he is well outside the cut line of -1 and will not be playing at RQ at the weekend.”

Cam Smith

Remember This Headline?

“Cameron Smith can carry on drinking after his wildly successful 2022 season petered out to an anti-climactic conclusion in Melbourne.

Smith will miss the Australian Open’s contentious second cut after failing to make up enough ground during a third-round one-under-par 69 at Victoria Golf Club on Saturday.”