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When you are hot under the collar out on the golf course, cause things are not going your way. Remember the cool logic of the Stoics. When the shit hits the fan and your golf ball goes missing in action. Remember the calm poise of the Stoic Golfer. These all too familiar moments on the golf course can rile up the average Joe or Joanne. Yeah, golf is not a game of perfect but gee it can wind you up just the same. Marcus Aurelius tells it like it is. This leading light of the Stoics was a leader of men, women, and an empire.

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Chilled Out Stoic Golfers Triumph Over Adversity

The Stoic Golfer can cope with adversity under the heat and pressure of the moment better. Stoics are cool as cucumbers on a hot summer’s day. Little things don’t ruffle the feathers of these warriors. They take deep breaths and exhale out the tension of the contretemps. Golf is a game that can mess with your head. Golf is 5 hours of potential treachery on the slopes and in the rough.

A cool, calm and collected golfer can shoot a good score. Keeping your shit together is an essential prerequisite.

Take Down The Temperature Via A Stoic Sensibility

Man, it can get mighty hot out there, especially in the sandy wasteland of bunkers. Dude, it can test your mettle when the putts consistently go sliding past. Boy, oh boy, it can grind you down when you dunk your golf ball in the drink coming down the stretch. The Stoic Golfer can rise up to such challenging stuff when it really matters. This season, do yourself a favour, and immerse yourself in the calming words of the Stoic Golfer. Read it and reap the rewards on the score card.

Remember the cool logic of the Stoics.

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How many times have you failed to get the job done over the distance? How often has your emotional state got the better of you on the golf course? More times than you care to remember, I bet. Golf can be the world’s most frustrating game. A round of the small ball sport can drive you to despair. Blowing your cool is par for the course. Everybody knows that getting upset only makes things worse. You can’t swing a golf club smoothly if you’re blowing steam out the top of your head. Remember the cool, calm and composed nature of the Stoic Golfer.

Stoics do it better for longer!

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Navigating your way around a tricky golf course in all sorts of weather can test the resolve of the golfer. The following pages will take inspiration from selected quotes from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations and my interpretation of these in light of the golfer’s challenges in the mental game. Golf is a test of our mettle and character. The Stoic philosophy, as rooted in the soldiers’ and warriors’ kit bag of wisdom, is a practical source of strategies for success on the golf course.

You will find real solutions for common problems and issues confronted daily in the game of golf.

Finding inner peace and focus will improve your performance on the golf course. It will, also, increase your enjoyment of the game of golf. Tranquility is the key to maintaining a good swing and not losing your tempo under stress. Understanding the importance of this will transform your golf game.

Robert Sudha Hamilton

Robert Sudha Hamilton is the author of The Stoic Golfer: Finding Inner Peace & Focus On The Fairway