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Did you know that for less than ten bucks you can buy 1 of 3 great golf books? Immerse your love of the game in some quality time with a worthy read. Reading pleasure is one of the few indulgences left that doesn’t damage your health or cost an arm or a leg. Who knows you might even learn something too. Reading about golf is the next best thing to playing; and delving into some of the stories, humorous and insightful, can have a beneficial effect on your game. Golf: The greatest game, read all about it!

Read Golf Book = Play Better Golf

Do you know the secret to Jason Day’s remarkable putting skills? Find out inside these books. Did you know that my great uncle was a golf pro and when he got dementia, he used to get picked up by the police in the wee hours, wandering the streets in confusion? Back at the police station the family would find him giving the coppers putting lessons at 3am in the morning. All these stories and much more are in https://www.golfdom.com.au/shop/the-golf-book-green-cathedral-dreams/

Reading About Golf Is A Real Joy

Did you know that for less than ten bucks you can buy 1 of 3 great golf books?

Good books are full of surprises and useful information. A good book can turn out to be your most loyal best friend, according to Ernest Hemingway. I, often, return to passages in books I love, like Harvey Penick’s golf books and Wodehouse’s funny stories about golfers. Reading is not a sin and it doesn’t make you weak – it expands your breadth of knowledge and takes you places you might never have been.

“Adam Scott on the importance of reading good books on golf. “This book really helped me as a young pro—in providing a mental framework that improving my game was not just about my swing, but how I thought about the game it as well. In golf, as in any sport, you strive for perfection. But it’s impossible to hit a perfect shot every time. There are just too many variables. Often people equate playing perfect golf with the perfect swing, but that’s not how it actually works.” Scott on Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book.”


Golf: The greatest game, read all about it! When the sun goes down and the fairways are dark, we can relax in armchair or bed with a good book. Laugh a little and enjoy the recognition factor regarding what it is like out there on the links, when things are going wrong. Take a journey, a literary one, where your mind can visit situations and circumstances for enlightenment on all things golfing. Golf is a microcosm for life, in many ways, and good books illustrate that fact.

Wisdom from The Stoic Golfer: Finding Inner Peace & Focus on the Fairway by Robert Sudha Hamilton

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