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Adam Scott on the importance of reading good books on golf. “This book really helped me as a young pro—in providing a mental framework that improving my game was not just about my swing, but how I thought about the game it as well. In golf, as in any sport, you strive for perfection. But it’s impossible to hit a perfect shot every time. There are just too many variables. Often people equate playing perfect golf with the perfect swing, but that’s not how it actually works.” Scott on Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book.

Reading Golf Books Can Assist on Your Golfing Journey

Adam Scott shares his reflections on how particular words of wisdom can help even the most talented golfers. Golf is an experiential game and books are, by their very nature theoretical, but sometimes reading about what it is like at the top of the mountain can help us get to that mountain peak. Harvey Penick was a formidable teacher and some of his insight is included in The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams. Immersing oneself in the golf genre can be inspiring and instructional, especially during those times you cant be out on the course for whatever reason. Lives devoted to the game of golf can provide all sorts of insight for the reader with an open mind and inquisitive soul.

Recommended Golf Books for The Keen Golfer

I would recommend any of Harvey Penick’s 3 titles, Little Red, Green, and Blue Books on Golf by the greatest golf teacher of all time. Down to earth golf wisdom imparted by a man who made teaching golf his life’s mission.

Golf instruction and coaching is a lot about communicating, as much as having the knowledge to start with. The student needs to be able to grasp what the teacher is saying.

Robert Sudha Hamilton

All good golf books are about imparting information in a way that connects with the reader.

Another useful golf book to read is Bob Rotella’s Golf Is Not A Game of Perfect. The mental coach to the sporting stars of the world has some keen insight into what happens upstairs for golfers trying to perform at their best under the gun. Nick O’Hern’s golf memoir Tour Mentality was another useful read for those seeking information about the golfing journey to peak performance. The next step is taking the insights offered by golf books to the course and into your game. Allow yourself time to digest new information and whether it be mental or technical changes you are making remember there is some lag time before integration.

Robert Sudha Hamilton is the author of How To Play Golf: Like A Winner & The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams


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