men playing a game of golf

Playing Golf With A Racist

4 mins 1 yr

I was playing golf in a four ball in the Wednesday competition recently. It had been a bit of a bumpy ride in terms of my performance. Started off well but seemingly from out of nowhere I had an 8 on a par 4. Interestingly, whilst walking up the fairway on the previous hole after a chat about a bloke’s trip to the Kimberley’s, where he saw some amazing ancient rock art, another one of my four-ball sidled up to me. He, let’s call him Greg, confided some info from a book owned by another member which questioned the veracity of Aboriginal art and culture. I thought this exchange with Greg somewhat strange in that it seemed uncalled for. I am trained as an ancient historian, so, I asked a few pointed questions about the source of the information. I didn’t get any fruitful answers to my questions. Then, I told him that it sounds like racist propaganda to my ears. The vibe of our chat cooled markedly and I moved away to play my next shot. Playing golf with a racist, it can put you off your game.