close up photography of golf ball

Golf: Why  Does My Performance Vary So Much?

10 mins 2 yrs

You have a great round, score really well, and maybe win the chocolates. A few days later you come out full of confidence on the back of your recent fine display and play like a busted arse. Golf: Why does my performance vary so much? If I was superhero I would call myself Captain Erratic, because my superhero abilities on the golf course only show up every now and then. What is going on with these failures to fire when pumped up with form? Old hands will tell you that 24 hours is a long time in golf. The fine motor skills required by the game of golf demand a lot of things going right in the moment and on the day. Professional tournament golfers practice their skills like a full time job – 8 hours a day when not playing in a tournament. How often do you hone your shot making abilities and touch around the greens?

The Mental Side