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Over the last couple of weeks I have discovered the best golf instruction videos: Porzak Golf. Adam Porzak is the online golf coach I have been waiting for to get me excited about my golf swing once again. The game of golf, as we all know, is a highly addictive and, often, equally frustrating experience.

Mastering the golf swing is somewhat akin to following a mysterious road to the promised land – in that you never get there but occasionally catch glimpses of it.

Robert Sudha Hamilton

There are plenty of tips and teachers out there, but it is a sea of disconnected information bobbing out with no provenance or holistic identity. You can get lost out there amid the many voices telling you what to do with your golf swing.

The best golf instruction videos: Porzak Golf a man playing golf
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Boom, Porzak Golf Instructs Best Via YouTube Videos

I came across Porzak Golf by sheer chance and the YouTube algorithm on my TV screen. I have watched a hell of a lot of golf instruction via this medium, as I am a fan of it on big screen TV. Many instructors bark out instructions like military types on the parade ground. They seem to think that the best way to impart knowledge is by brute force. Adam Porzak, in contrast to this, presents a youthful friendly face to his students and the viewer.

This native of Chicago has embraced the Californian lifestyle, from what I  have gathered from repeated viewings. “Hey Dude, and boom what a sweet swing!” Enthusiasm and genuine passion for the game of golf bounces off this guy like sparks from a firecracker.

The best golf instruction videos: Porzak Golf man in white t shirt playing golf
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Check Out Adam Porzak on YouTube: Simply The Best

The young PGA instructors at my local golf club are great and I have had many lessons with them over the years and will continue to do so I am sure. However, I have always wanted a coach and not being a young, super talented golfer that has not been readily accessible to me. Immersing myself in the many Porzak Golf videos on YouTube and, more recently the website, has felt like having my own online golf coach. Adam Porzak coaches elite college golfers, PGA golfers, plus young and old club golfers of both genders. There is real care for his players evidenced in the video material I have observed. The storehouse of game and swing knowledge inherent within the Porzak Golf videos is immense. We can learn vicariously through the instruction and advice proffered to these up-and-coming golfing superstars.

Keeping it simple, with a couple of check points in the swing, is the first tenet in the Porzak Golf philosophy. The onus is on getting it right in the backswing, so that the golfer can get back to the ball in the downswing without complicated manoeuvres.

Personally, I have spent a lifetime standing too far away from the golf ball and coming over the top. Since, my conversion to Porzak Golf I have changed my strong grip to neutral and am much more over the ball.  “Keeping hands and arms in front of the body.” “Bigger body turn and shorter arm swing on the way back.” These are two of the Porzak Golf principles in the swing. Covering the ball through impact and rotating around the post and pillar – are things that I have learned from Adam via his videos. Do yourself a huge favour and check out Porzak Golf if you really want to strike your shots pure.