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Why He Lost That Championship: Tug Dudley

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True lovers of golf fondly remember Tug Dudley and his exploits on the golf course back in the day. Some say you have not discovered golf until you have come to terms with the ‘big loss’. Unkind people refer to it as the ‘big choke’, but here at GolfDom we honour the greats of the game. Why he lost that championship will be discussed in golfing circles from now to eternity. It is a fact, that in golf and in most sports, everyone remembers who won and pays scant attention to whoever came second. Runner-up is a strange term and sounds like a call for competitors at the starting line. Apparently, first used in 1842 for ‘the dog that loses only the final race’. From 1885 refers to ‘team or competitor that takes second place.’

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