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The game of golf, generally, stands apart from politics, as it focuses on a narrower field of play. However, Russia’s invasion of a sovereign nation compels me to say that – GolfDom stands with Ukraine. We fly the blue and gold flag in support of the underdog in this unwarranted war by a bullying Russia and Vladimir Putin. I am sure that golfers around the globe wish for Russia to withdraw from Ukraine and get the hell out of someone else’s country. Killing women and children by blowing them up with missiles and artillery is sickening in this day and age.

Golfers Support Ukraine Against the Invasion

Those of us who play the small, white ball game on golf courses around the world find it hard to fathom the need to go around killing human beings and blowing things up. There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour in the 21C. We have just come through a global pandemic, where millions of people have died from a virus. Hasn’t there been enough death and sadness? Why do little men like Putin feel that they must prove themselves in this awful way? There are, obviously, not enough golf courses in Russia. I just caught a segment on CNN news with a 15-year-old golfer from Ukraine, talking about how tough it has been for him and his family. There are golfers in Ukraine! Our thoughts go out to them and all the people in Ukraine. Putin is a war criminal. These ghastly scumbags who think they have the right to unleash death and destruction on other human beings are despicable. Putin must pay!

GolfDom Salutes the Ukrainian People

The floods in my neck of the woods have rendered golf unplayable on my local course. It is tough sitting out days and days of golf. It would be far tougher being shelled like the Ukrainian people. A country of 43 million souls is being viciously invaded by a large army with a devastating arsenal of weapons. Life in Australia is not easy for those who have been impacted by the terrible floods on the east coast. Hundreds of people have lost their homes. They, perhaps, have some inkling of what the Ukrainians are going through. GolfDom stands with Ukraine in their times of trouble.

GolfDom asks that we all say a prayer for Ukraine and if possible, do something for them.


The ABC is publishing many stories on the continuing crisis in Ukraine. For those wanting to assist with cash donations and are looking for guidance on suitable charities, ABC Appeals is a media partner of the Emergency Action Alliance

This is a coalition of sixteen of the major international aid organisations operating within Australia. A number of their member organisations – those who have a history of involvement in Ukraine and are confident they can continue to help in this crisis – have launched specific appeals. These are all listed on the EEA Ukraine landing page which will be regularly updated.


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