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I have been happily using the MiScore app for a couple of years. It is not perfect but it was a good start. There have been a few glitches along the way but that is to be expected with anything high tech. Communication with this organisation is, however, less than ideal, as I have discovered this week. I have been trying to renew my subscription to MiScore and things have not gone well. I have called the company repeatedly and the staff on the other end have been less than stellar. It is a frustrating state of affairs, as you can imagine. MiScore MiClub misery making my golfing experience malefic.

MiScore App Renewal Stuff Up

Golf is a fiddly game, as many of you know well. You don’t want things not functioning just before you start a round of golf. Little things not working as they ought to gives me the shits. So, I had renewed my MiScore app via Google Play and lo and behold the thing kept asking me to subscribe and then telling me I had subscribed but it still wouldn’t work. This is right before the monthly black tee challenge at my golf club. So, I got me one of those old fashioned score cards printed out by the pro shop and dug out a pencil for the first time in a while.

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MiClub Makes My Golfing Life Malcontent

Prior to this I rang the people at MiClub who run the whole MiScore thing and spoke to a charming young lady who tried to help me. “Can you send me a screenshot of your Google Play receipt email and send it to me,” she said. “I am on the practice range at the golf club,” I replied. We agreed I would do it after my round. I did this and spoke to another person who was less than helpful.

I maintained my composure and worked hard at not being rude.

Days went by and still no joy on the MiScore front – but they had taken my money many days ago.

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A Failure Of Communication MiEnterprise

No emails back from them, no communication – I thought I was dealing with Optus or Qantas. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it – no joy. It kept telling me that I had subscribed but that an error in the system was preventing me from accessing it. Frustration boiled beneath my skin and adversely impacted upon my enjoyment of my golf. This is the issue here when you allow something like MiScore to become an essential part of your golfing experience and it doesn’t work it sours the lot. MiScore have jacked up their subscription by $3 to $20. Michelle Bullock at the RBA told us that this is the services sector in Australia keeping inflation high by putting up prices. You can blame MiClub for their part in keeping the interest rates going up, along with dentists and hairdressers. It is a petty little thing but, as I said, golf is a fiddly game and when you don’t get things right it comes undone. I paid the money and still the thing don’t work. The communication from the company is poor.

You know if you are just a little bit off the putts don’t go in. Nearly is never good enough in the game of golf. MiFrustration.

A week of frustration has resulted in a refund from Google Play for the MiScore App failed subscription renewal. I called MiClub again and had another chat, they were helpful and equally in the dark about why things has not gone according to plan. I just did the renewal thingee once more and it looks like I might have hit pay dirt and it might actually work. The moral of the story is never give up on anything to do with golf. A stoic sensibility includes determination and keeping your cool under potentially frustrating circumstances. It is the little things that can undermine our equanimity.