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Clean Your Clubs: Brush Them Grooves

In another of my roles I get to write about the joys of dentistry. Thinking about it there are parallels between cleaning our teeth and cleaning the grooves on the face of your golf clubs. Most of us have been schooled by our folks on the importance of brushing our teeth at least twice a day – if we want to maintain our ability to chow down on the good stuff for longer. In the same way, any golf pro or teaching instructor will tell you to keep your grooves clean for maximum benefit from your strike. Especially when it comes to your wedges and imparting spin to grab the green upon impact. Clean your clubs: Brush them grooves for best results.

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The Importance Of Developing A Solid Technique In Golf

One of the clearest challenges in golf I personally find in relation to the mental game is what is going through my mind during the round at key moments. By this I mean we play golf over 18 holes for around 4 to 5 hours and at various times my head makes no sense in golfing terms. It may be standing over a putt or on the tee with club in hand and suddenly there are no constructive thoughts to accompany the production of my stroke. Why is this so? I mean for the majority of these situations I have the appropriate stuff upstairs to make things happen. The importance of developing a solid technique in golf stand out in these moments.

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Playing Golf In Extreme Humidity

The weather sucks big time folks. Playing golf in extreme humidity is no walk in the park. It saps your energy like listening to your angry spouse. You get to the golf course at your usual time. You head out to hit a few warmup balls on the range. In no time at all, you are drenched in sweat. Your golf shirt is a wet sponge soaking up all that stinky perspiration. How does it get any better than this? There must have been good reason for golf to originate in chilly Scotland or Holland.

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What Are Some Strategies For Attracting Young Golfers?

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Probably the greatest challenge faced by the golf industry in the 2020’s is the need for generational change. New blood is urgently required, especially in club land. Golf clubs around the world want to attract new members and young golfers are an essential part of this. In Australia, according to a national survey conducted by Golf Australia, the average age of male golf club members is 58 and for women it is 64. These are the golfers who are most committed to the sport and make the most substantial regular investment in the game of golf via their annual subscription and weekly competition fees. Many of these golfers play multiple times per week and spend money in their pro shops and clubhouse facilities. What are some strategies for attracting younger golfers to the game?

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The Stoic Golfer Diet For Optimal Performance

Stoicism is primarily rooted in the power of the mind. The Stoic Golfer employs mental strategies to overcome the many pitfalls and challenges facing the average golfer during a round. However, you cannot achieve these if you are full of crap food and drink. The Stoic Golfer diet for optimal performance can enhance your mental abilities. First up, you are kidding yourself if you think that you can utilise the power of Stoicism if you are a piss head on the golf course. By that I mean, if the game of golf goes hand in hand with lots of drinking alcohol. This is one of the key mistakes that drunks make, they allow themselves to be fooled with ideas about how their drinking doesn’t really affect them.

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Remember The Cool Logic Of The Stoics

When you are hot under the collar out on the golf course, cause things are not going your way. Remember the cool logic of the Stoics. When the shit hits the fan and your golf ball goes missing in action. Remember the calm poise of the Stoic Golfer. These all too familiar moments on the golf course can rile up the average Joe or Joanne. Yeah, golf is not a game of perfect but gee it can wind you up just the same. Marcus Aurelius tells it like it is. This leading light of the Stoics was a leader of men, women, and an empire.

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Appalling Aussie PGA TV Coverage

The standard of the TV coverage of the Australian PGA Championship was dire in 2023. Please rein in Warren Smith as the voice of golf. If I hear one more inane reference to the ‘party hole’ I will throw up. Yes, there is a bar like atmosphere around a short par 3 and they play really loud music – so bloody what!!! Do we the viewers at home need to be constantly reminded of the bleeding obvious by this ‘so very fake’ presenter. The whole thing detracts from the tournament coverage. It may be a fun concept for on-course attendees but it aint for those wanting to watch the golf on TV. Appalling Aussie PGA coverage never did justice to the event, in my opinion.

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MiScore MiClub Misery

I have been happily using the MiScore app for a couple of years. It is not perfect but it was a good start. There have been a few glitches along the way but that is to be expected with anything high tech. Communication with this organisation is, however, less than ideal, as I have discovered this week. I have been trying to renew my subscription to MiScore and things have not gone well. I have called the company repeatedly and the staff on the other end have been less than stellar. It is a frustrating state of affairs, as you can imagine. MiScore MiClub misery making my golfing experience malefic.

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Has Cam Smith Fallen Foul Of Greedy Golfer Syndrome?

You take the easy money. The LIV Golf millions. You play Mickey Mouse golf. Exhibition golf, rather than compete with golfers in the real thing over 4 rounds every week. Your game starts to suffer. Has Cam Smith fallen foul of greedy golfer syndrome? This is what generally happens to elite sports people when they take the easy money? The poor boy looked lost out there at Royal Queensland in the Australian PGA Championship. Had he got so relaxed from rolling in all that money that he, maybe, forgot what real golf in a real tournament felt like?

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Why Are Australian Businesses So Damned Cheap When It Comes To Golf?

I was watching the Victorian PGA final round on tele, a rare Aussie tournament on show, and I was struck by a few things. Firstly, by the low key nature of the championship with competitors pulling their own trolleys sans caddies. Maybe this is a good thing in the bigger scheme of life, but it looked diminished in comparison with the big tours in America and the Middle East. The golf itself looked pretty good but the event lacked camera angles and better production. The absence of money and sponsorship for Australian professional golf is apparent. Australian business and the corporate world here are tight arsed in their commercial neglect of golf. It is pretty shabby when you consider that all these executives play the bloody game recreationally. Why are Australian businesses so damned cheap when it comes to golf?

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DP World Doesn’t Pay Its Fair Share Of Taxes

DP World, the naming sponsor of the European Tour, is a major tax minimiser. It is one of those large corporations that does its level best to legally pay as little tax as possible. Perhaps, this is why it can afford to sponsor golf to this extent? However, in my opinion, DP World doesn’t pay its fair share of taxes. As much as I wish for elite professional golfers to be able to earn lots of prize money I reckon that governments like Australia require tax revenue to fund health, education, and infrastructure more.

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Moore Park Golf: The Sacrificial Scapegoat

I have a disclosure to make first up. Moore Park was one of my regular golfing spots when I first started playing golf. I don’t know if you went through that stage of playing on your own or trying to play at any rate. Not being a member of any club or social club at the very start of my golfing journey I would venture out to public courses like Moore Park and hire clubs. It had a driving range so it made a fair bit of sense. Hearing now that it is for the chop it was a shock to the system. Moore Park Golf: The sacrificial scapegoat.

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Walking Down The Fairway Of Life

He stuffed the last greasy mouthful of double beef burger into his mouth. Juggling its packaging in one paw and propelling his trolley with the other he kept on walking down the fairway of life. Brown remnants of some sauce snaked down his chin. The glistening temporarily stained skin made him look like there had been a major culinary accident in the vicinity. This was eating on the run golf style. Getting something substantial into you at the halfway mark. Nine holes had been and gone. Nine more holes had just begun. I don’t know how he does it, digesting mid stride and mid swing.

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