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Golfers are continually looking for solutions to their broken golf games. If you play enough competitive rounds of golf, you will regularly hear plenty of stories about the dangers of golf lessons too. “He tried to change my whole swing!” It is like a two edged sword this desire to get better and the fear of getting worse through making changes to your swing. So, what are the best golf lessons? What are the shared characteristics of these, potentially, game changing for the better instructional sessions? Where can you find the very best golf teachers and how much do they cost? In this article we will seek to provide some solid answers to these questions and more.

Doing it the Hard Way

Personally, I have had a bunch of golf lessons over the years, with some good and some not so great. However, being the slow learner that I am, I am starting to realise that there are a few reasons for my hit and miss experiences with getting professional help that are my own responsibility. Early on I assumed that you could have one lesson and that would be it. That this one lesson would set me on the path to golfing success. My expectations were, I now see, naïve and totally unrealistic. In response to this failure to be transformed via one session with a golf pro I spent many years telling myself that I could do it by myself without any assistance from a golfing instructor. I was doing it the hard way!

Don’t Practice the Wrong Moves in the Golf Swing

I spent a couple of decades practicing a bad swing. I went to the driving range and grooved a wonky outside-to-in swing. Sometimes, I hit bucket after bucket of range balls until my body was sore and my hands almost blistered. The ‘I can do it on my own’ ethos made Jim Furyk look like a ballerina in Swan Lake in terms of gracefulness on the links in comparison with my swing. I must have been a hard case for those early golf teachers trying to help me with my swing. The best golf lessons are tough to comprehend through this haze of stubbornness and misdirection. I feel sorry for those PGA professionals who endured a session with me in the early years.

Have a Series of Golf Lessons for Best Results

More recently, I have turned the whole thing around by committing to a series of regular golf lessons with a pro. You have an opportunity, in this framework, to get to work on a few things. Plus, you have the time to go over and drill some essential moves into your golf swing. You, also, get to know each other a bit, which makes it easier to work with someone. The golfing instructor can help you groove a move or two, with the aid of mirrors and digital tools like a tablet with the correct software.

You see, when you are unlearning years of bad golf and incorrect techniques, it takes time. It helps a lot if you can see yourself via a mirror or recorded camera work. Seeing where your body needs to be, and the correct sequence of events and movements is a must in the best golf lessons. The golf swing is something you want to be able to feel because you cannot see yourself swinging the club whilst playing. However, if you can match these ‘feels’ with vision from outside of yourself it can really help the learning process. Those ‘feels’ need to be reinforced and confirmed with your teacher’s instructional guidance.

We All Learn in Different Ways

We are all different and yet, most of us have two arms and legs. How we process new information and learn things is, however, often, quite individual. Some of us are more visual than others, in that we like to see what is being referred to and the visual aids mentioned can come into their own here. Others are more aural; in that we like to listen to clear instructions to follow. The best golf lessons for this type of person means that your golf teacher needs to provide a narrative through the lesson. Guidance via voiced instruction with feedback and praise being an important aspect of the lesson. However, you do not want to be overloaded with too much information. A good teacher provides just enough detail to make things clearer. It can be useful for your golf teacher to know what form of instruction best suits you too. So let he or she know what you find more helpful during your golf lesson.

Listing the Key Points in the Best Golf Lessons

  • A series of instructional sessions delivers the best results rather than just a single lesson.
  • Utilising visual golfing aids like mirrors & digital software enhances lessons.
  • Feels need to be reinforced & confirmed via professional insight.
  • Work out how best you learn, is it more visual or aural?
  • We all need plenty of feedback & praise during the learning process.

Launch Monitors & Golf Lessons

The rise of technology continues in the ancient game of golf with launch monitors and other golf software. The launch monitor can cost anything from $20K to a free app on a phone. Trackman and other top shelf equipment delivers state of the art data to assist the golfer in improving his or her swing. Many teachers have these devices as part of their teaching arsenal in the 21C. Obviously the more expensive stuff in the kitbag, usually, the more costly your less will be.

How Much is a Golf Lesson?

The average cost of a golf lesson in Australia is around $50 to $60 per 30 minutes. You may think that you want a longer lesson, but half an hour is a good amount of time for the brain to take new information in. You are best served by practicing what you have learned for another 30 minutes after your coaching session. The more you drill the stuff you learn the more valuable your golfing lesson will be to your game. If you don’t practice the stuff you learn you are just wasting everyone’s time.

Where to Find the Best Golf Lessons

Charity begins at home and your home course is where you will most likely find good golf instruction via a PGA professional. For golf lessons near me give your local teaching pro the first opportunity to improve your golf game and swing. Book a series of golf lessons, usually these are 30 minute sessions, for best results. The teacher gets to understand your current golf swing and how best you process new information. Don’t make the same mistake I made and expect to achieve remarkable game changing outcomes in a single lesson. Commit to at least six golf lessons over six weeks and then evaluate the results upon this basis. You will find the best golf lessons when you match your commitment with that of your local teaching golf professional. Who are the best golf coaches?

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Best Golf Lessons in South East Queensland

Glen Domigan – Director of Coaching

Victoria Park https://victoriapark.com.au/golf/lessons/golf-coaches/

10 year veteran of coaching at the highest level, with a quality team of PGA teaching professionals behind him.

Chris Gibson

Chris Gibson Golf – https://www.chrisgibsongolf.com/

Twenty year veteran teacher & former professional tour player.

Cameron Strachan

GolfGooRoo – https://www.golfgooroo.com/golf-coaching-sunshine-coast/

Golf coaching on the Sunshine Coast. Automatic golf to unlock your natural swing.

Brayden Campbell & Tom Parchimowicz

Bribie Island Golf Club – https://www.bribiegolf.com.au/golf-shop

Two great PGA professional golf instructors operating in paradise. These guys encourage heaps and tailor their sessions to your level.


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