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A question for the ages. Can you be too greedy for golf? The game of golf, as many of us know, is an obsessive pastime. Some say it is a disease or infection, which compels those in its grip to play as often as they can. There should be a 12 step program for those addicted to golf. Golfaholics or something. “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.” We play to test our mettle against the course. We play to best our scores. But can you be too greedy for golf to the detriment of your relationships and social standing? Indeed, to the detriment of your game? For those who are truly lost to golf addiction here are some words from the confessional.

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Golfing At Whose Expense?

It is Christmas time and the spectre of family hovers like blowflies around a carcass. Good cheer is in the very atmosphere and feasting beckons like Satan with the apple.

Robert Sudha Hamilton

Do you golf or do you do the right thing by your nearest and dearest? Do you pick up those trusty irons or do you grasp a knife and fork? Do you surreptitiously risk a practice swing or shuffle meekly to the front door of your kin? Golfers everywhere are posed such questions at the festive time of year. Husbands and wives must make hard choices, which may threaten the equilibrium of their marriages. Too greedy for golf? What do you reckon?

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The Golf Addiction Causes Suffering

Can you play too much golf? Is it a sliding scale or merely a black hole sucking everything in?

Does your game improve in step with the degradation of your marriage? Is there an inverse relationship between handicap and domestic bliss? Can one be burnished without tarnishing the other? Those golfing gods do they sit in judgement upon your investment in the game? Are sacrifices demanded via the many hours you stride the links and neglect your family at the same time? Too many questions for those too greedy for golf? I think so.

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Ex-Wife Ogles Clubs

I remember the first time I picked up a club in the presence of my, then, spouse. She frowned and wrinkled her nose in distaste at the very nature of the beast. The length and shape of said instrument was definitely not to her liking.

Golf has been called the widow’s game and has heralded more separations than any philandering. Divorce lawyers sponsor events on the club calendar in grateful recognition.

Too greedy for golf? One can only imagine.


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