How To Play Golf: Like A Winner by Robert Sudha Hamilton
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We at GolfDom ask you to take some time to participate in our golfer’s survey. This information will be used to drive content on the site with factual data upon which to base useful content for you and all of our readers. Your input will be metadata and participant’s identities will remain strictly confidential. No associated information that you provide will be used for marketing or on-sold to any third parties. The buck stops here.

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The GolfDom Golfer Survey 20 Questions

  1. How often do you play golf?
  2. How long have you been playing golf?
  3. What is your current handicap?
  4. Do you prefer playing golf with friends or alone?
  5. How often do you upgrade your golf equipment?
  6. How important is the quality of golf courses to you?
  7. How much do you typically spend on a round of golf?
  8. Have you ever been a member of a golf club? How important are the practice facilities at your golf club? How often do you use them prior to playing a round?
  9. How much do you think the cost of joining a golf club is justified?
  10. What is your favourite thing about golf?
  11. What is your least favourite thing about golf?
  12. Do you think that golf, generally, is too expensive as a pastime or about right?
  13. What do you think about the recent changes to the rules of golf & the rules of golf more generally?
  14. How long do you think a round of golf should take? Would you prefer to play 12 holes instead of 18 to make the length of time involved around 3 hours?
  15. Do you think golf courses should be more inclusive and accessible to people of all abilities?
  16. Do you walk or ride around the golf course whilst playing?
  17. Do you think technology has improved the game of golf or made it too easy? Should there be limits on club and ball improvements in light of golf courses becoming obsolete in terms of length and finite space availability?
  18. How often do you practice aspects of your game?
  19. How do you see the future of the golf industry? Imagine golf in 50 years’ time.
  20. What do you think can be done to encourage more people to take up golf?
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 golfer survey questionnaire
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Thank you for taking the time to contribute your valuable thoughts and ideas to the GolfDom Survey. Click Here to submit your survey answers.

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