The Scream by Edvard Munch

How You Feel Affects Your Golf Swing

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You hold the club and how you swing it determines the trajectory and pathway of your golf ball. Therefore, how you feel affects your golf swing and what kind of shape you are in massively affects your golf shots. We all bemoan how inconsistent most of us are at the great game of golf. Many of the golfers I regularly play with share their frustrations at not being able to make the shots they know they can when out on the course. Golf is a thick soup of experiences, which bubbles on the stove for over four hours. There are high points and low moments during our rounds of golf. At times, the game seems almost effortless and at others it is a dire struggle. The evidence indicates that the common denominator is the guy or gal holding the golf club. Our state of being impacts upon how we play a shot and the outcome of that shot.

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