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I see a lot of blokes in the supermarket talking to or texting their wives on the phone. They are checking in before they buy something in case they get it wrong. Has the Internet made us unable to make decisions on our own? Has all this communication sucked the life out of us, rendering us sheep? I remember thinking when they first introduced mobile phones that the telecommunication companies will be laughing all the way to the bank. Suddenly, we are all making a hundred times more phone calls than before. How much of that communication is really necessary?

Computers Have Turned Men Into Typists

What happened to the action man? Where did he go? Does he now play video games in his man cave at home?

I wonder whether the prevalence of erectile dysfunction in the community is related to the rise of the digital world. Computers have turned millions of men into typists. The nastiest guys are now trolls on forums on the world wide web. Sitting down on your expanding behind is the new default position for human beings. Sitting in front of screens typing in your home, office, or car is the new normal. What happened to the action man? Where did he go? Does he now play video games in his man cave at home? Perhaps, dreaming of a time he could go out and whack someone with a bloody big sword to save the world?

Online Decision Making Now Determined By Others

Many of us are too scared to do something without checking if lots of people have done it before. Where are the trailblazers among us? Nobody will buy something or make a booking unless there are a truckload of customer reviews. The fear factor online and elsewhere is enormous. Too many of us have developed early onset timidity (EOT). The world has become a scary place and bravery is missing from the modern space. Taking risks is not encouraged in a society run by computers. Digital devices are all about record keeping.

Keeping Records Is Not Really Living

Have we become the sheep we used to shear?

Is love about record keeping? Is standing up for what you believe in about record keeping? Passion and free will are the domains of human beings. Taking risks keeps us feeling alive, otherwise we are slowly dying in our comfortable abodes. Getting out there and trying something unaided by others is what makes explorers great. Are we, now, a nation of followers? Have we become the sheep we used to shear? The Australian love of sport for the majority has become accounting with the rise of statistical data. What about having the courage to take risks in the heat of the moment? Where are those who can trust their own instincts and take action?


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