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Watching Bernhard Langer win for the 42nd time on the Champion’s Tour at the ripe age of 64 I was impressed. However, I was somewhat surprised when he invoked something a friend had said about Jesus Christ and faith during testing times. The inappropriateness of super wealthy white folks bringing god into the picture when we are talking about a game is gobsmacking to this observer. Whether you are a believer or not I think it is exceedingly trite and seriously misplaced to bring such matters into a mere game. Americans of faith have made it a habit to thank their god in victory speeches, which in my view belittles things considerably. Golf is no place for gassing about god.

God Has More Important Matters to Consider

Over 750, 000 Americans have died from the Covid pandemic. Perhaps, it would be better to keep god and prayers to more serious matters than golf. To think that god would be concerned with the performance of some wealthy professional golfer in light of what is happening around the globe is a sad reflection of the parochial views of many wealthy westerners. Golf is a great game, don’t get me wrong, but please leave divinity out of the picture when discussing your hopes and aspirations Mister PGA Professional.

Save Your Grace for Something Other Than Putts

Many Christians want to share their faith with others and see all parts of their lives as living examples of their faith. However, save your grace for something more worthy and express your compassion for the suffering of others. Professional golf raises lots of money for charities in most places the game is played. Many successful professional touring golfers are generous with their time and money for worthy causes. These are all good aspects of the game at the highest level. It is, in many ways, a trade off in return for the investment in a silly game when people are starving and dying from wars around the globe.

Keep Schtum About God at Golf

Bernhard Langer is an absolute champion of the game of golf. He, also, appears to be a nice chap to this observer. My advice is to keep schtum about god and the testing nature of golf. I would refrain from mentioning the whole religious thing in the same breath when talking about a game played by grown men and women. Do good things with your wealth for those less fortunate. Use your influence to make the world fairer and more equitable. Leave the loose talk about god to intimate thoughts inside your head.


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