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Finally, my Ping 7 wood arrived after a 9 month wait. It was hard to believe that it had actually happened. My wait has been hard and long. Those who have had similar experiences will know what I mean. I had gone through a number of recognisable stages during the painful process. The 5 stages of cheated consumption I call them. Firstly, there is denial, then anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. You initiate a consumer choice and order your desired golf club through the pro shop at your local golf club. You are obviously excited about your purchase and a denial of any possible problem is your default position.

My Ping 7 Wood & My Frustration

Days go by and no word from the pro about your order being fulfilled. You consider things like supply chain hold ups due to the global pandemic. As the weeks fly by your patience begins to get stretched. You know it is not the pros fault he is just the middleman in the sandwich. Anger starts to emerge like a hungry dog chained up without any food. Months go by and still no word from Ping but empty promises and unfulfilled dates. You start to bargain with yourself about how you feel about the whole situation.

My Ping 7 Wood Blues

Your relationship with the local pro begins to get a bit uncomfortable and you back off from asking him about the 7 wood. Fellow golfers joke about the mythical status of your 7 wood. Your game slumps into a depression and you blame the absence of this club from your bag in key scoring moments out on the course. Everything has a sameness about it and the daily routine of your life feels glum. You say to yourself if one more person asks me about that club I will scream. You wish you had never shared your initial excitement about getting a 7 wood in the first place.

Eventually, you surrender to the inevitable and accept that you have no control over this situation. You resign yourself to this club never turning up and give up on any hope. You move on and work with what you have in the bag. Consumer impotence grips you like a middle aged curse.

Jokes about your gravestone inscription declaring that he died before his 7 wood arrived don’t send you into paroxysms of frustrated fury anymore.

Thoughts about contacting the Human Rights Commission seem less realistic by the day. Floods mean that you cannot play golf at all for a lengthy period at your home course. The world faces possible war with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and you forget about Ping and your 7 wood.

Then, out of the blue the bloody thing actually arrives. 9 months since you placed your order this club lands on the doorstep of the pro shop.

No note of apology accompanies it. I mean in 9 months I could have made a human life with some help from its mother.

In 9 months the world could be turned upside down and golf clubs could be replaced with guns. The fact that Ping took more than 9 months to deliver this 7 wood speaks volumes about where we sit in importance on their food chain. I just hope the wait has been bloody worth it!


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