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Many of us indulge in regular trips to the driving range, where we hope to improve our swing and golf game. Perched up on the crest of that hill or within the confines of whatever layout your local driving range possesses we go about our ball bashing business. A bucket of balls, in whatever size we feel capable of whacking, possibly holds some answers to swing issues we have been experiencing. The practice ground for golfers is a hallowed area, where we seek divine inspiration in the form of good golf shots played out to the allocated space ahead of us. Driving range: Golf dreams and aspirations are never in short supply here on the hill.

The Driving Range Near Me

Of course, there are pitfalls aplenty on the practice ground too. The driving range near me is bereft of many targets for practice. Therefore you can build up a false sense of confidence in your golf game prior to an actual competitive round. You think that you are swinging it great and then you get out there in the real golfing world with an overabundance of optimism. Suddenly, you hit one too well straight over the back of the green into serious trouble. Before you know it, you are over par, and your confidence has taken a puncture like a balloon over a pineapple plantation. The driving range can lead to these kinds of situations.

Golf Clubs with Practice Facilities

Golf clubs with practice facilities like driving ranges and chipping areas are great to warm up your game with prior to beginning your round. Someone was telling me that older style golf course, often, had easy 1st and 10th holes so that players could find their swings on-course because these practice facilities were not common back then. Not all golf courses have dedicated spaces devoted to a driving range. Many may have a smaller enclosed in netting practice area, designed just to swing the club within but where the balls go nowhere.

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Amongst players there are differing views on the merits of warming up on the driving range or not. Some players subscribe to the thinking that they only have a finite number of good strokes in them, and they don’t want to waste them. Others will hit a small bucket just to find their rhythm and tempo in their golf swing. Some practice intensely prior to heading out to do battle on the course. It may be that a particular club like the driver or a hybrid has been tough to hit properly of late and they wish to remedy this by rediscovering form with this club on the range.

There are practice and drill sessions to be had away from competition. Here the keen golfer is searching for improvement in a particular shot or stroke. The driving range near me offers this kind of opportunity. I will sojourn down to the range attached to my golf club and hit balls for an hour or so. I like practicing and have to be careful not to overdo it and injure myself. There is nothing worse, I find, than missing a Saturday game of golf because of a physical injury sustained via overenthusiastic practice.

The experts tell us that we all should be practicing our short games 80% of the time and the long game just 20%. The pros drill themselves from 120 metres in. This means that they predominantly practice wedge shots, chips, putts, recovery shots from sand, rough, and fringe to maximise their ability to get up and down. The scoring parts of the game are what we all should be practicing. The weekend hacker would rather practice the majestic long drive and longer iron shots. We are attracted to the peaks of the game rather than the grind of getting up and down.

The driving range is a wonderful facility and when used correctly can really help your game. Remember to hit at targets whilst on the range. By this I mean really pay attention to where you are missing because this will provide valuable information for your next round. Practice hitting different types of shots into these targets if you can. High draws, high fades, low knock down shots, and get a feel for what your body is doing well on the day. Practice facilities are there to aid your development in the game of golf. There is plenty of data to be had from a good practice session on the driving range.


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