Bunker shots instill fear
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Golf can put our spines under unfamiliar pressure. Playing and practising a lot, when your body is not fit enough, can lead to back and other injuries. Golf is a curious game and many of us approach it for the first time completely untutored. It might be that we, as red-blooded sporting men and women, want to master the hardest game of all sans outside assistance. The message seems to be “Not for me any lessons from the pro; I did it my way, thanks Frank”. The crooners loved golf, back in the day: Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Sinatra loved to swing away in, what I call, the green cathedral. But doing it my way, if it is the wrong way, is a quick way to end up with some serious back trouble or failing at avoiding physical injuries at golf.

Golf Can Cause Back Injuries

Golf can cause back injuries and a back injury can put you out of the game for a considerable period of time. Therefore, before you end up on the slab, here are some tips to avoid golfing based back injuries in the first place. When you take up the game of golf for the first time get some professional help. Do not do what I did and countless of others have also done, which is practising the wrong things for hours and hours. The thing about golf is that you cannot see yourself swing the club, unless you are standing near a mirror or you get lucky with the position of the sun and your shadow. Out on the golf range mirrors are as rare as hen’s teeth, which is actually a design fault when you come to think about it. However, because you cannot see yourself and you don’t really know what you are doing, it pays to have a PGA professional observing you. Avoiding physical injuries at golf must be a consideration, especially if you have a few kilometres on the clock.

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