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Understanding How Spin Affects Your Golf

Many of us play golf because we love the game and don’t pay much attention to the equipment. We just like to get out there and swing. Understanding how spin affects your golf, however, can help you score better and enjoy the game even more. You don’t have to be a golf geek to learn a bit about the spin factor in golf. The golf ball has all those cute dimples for a reason and it is not just a fickle fact of fate. Watching your golf ball soar through the sky is one of the best feelings in the game, especially when it is heading in the right direction.

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The Top Ten Tips From The Golfing Greats

I read their books so you didn’t have to. Here are the top ten tips from the golfing greats to help your game. Who are these golfing heavy weights? I chose them in terms of what they have to offer the golfer on the basis of their golfing achievements and/or knowledge. Many were major winners and potentially in the conversation for being the greatest of their generation. Some were lifetime devotees of the game of golf and regarded as the best teachers of all time. Golf is rich in champions and characters deserving of our attention. We have much to learn from those who have graced the fairways with their talent and dedication to the game they loved.

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Understanding The Golfer’s Brain

It will not surprise some to know that a lifetime of golf affects the brain. Understanding the golfer’s brain can illuminate that journey, somewhat like reverse engineering. Particular activities and vocations make lasting impressions upon our mental hardware. A musician’s brain shows:
“Learning to play a musical instrument is a complex task that integrates multiple sensory modalities and higher-order cognitive functions. Therefore, musical training is considered a useful framework for the research on training-induced neuroplasticity.”
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Similarly, a professional dancer’s brain reveals structural changes from the neural processing work demanded of that activity over many years. The region connecting the two hemispheres of the cerebral cortex is enlarged in both musicians and dancers. The professional golfer and those who have devoted large chunks of their life to this pursuit will show structural brain changes via neuroplasticity.

The Mental Side
Green Cathedral Dreams Robert Sudha Hamilton
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Golf: The Green Cathedral

Let me begin by saying that all those who play the great game of golf are blessed by the experience inside the green cathedral. There is nothing quite like cracking a big drive down the fairway off the tee. Watching that ball rise in the air and hurtle vast distances to land safely is a sweet affair indeed. Rolling in a putt from an unlikely place on the green is another deeply satisfying element of the game of golf. To the uninitiated striking a stationary small white sphere from its grassy lie with a club often seems no remarkable feat. However, ask them to reproduce that achievement and what follows can involve much cursing and frustrating failure. Golf is not an easy game to master and therein lies its fascination for millions around the globe. Golf: The green cathedral is an interesting realm to explore this rich and rewarding human pastime.