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Everything in the game of golf comes down to putting in the end. Which club in the bag do you use more often than any other? The putter! The average number of putts in a round is 40, according to the USGA. What aspect of the game of golf is practiced the least – the short game. The short game is putting, chipping, and shots around the green. Amateur golfers focus on the big stick, practicing their drives more than any other club in the bag. Putting is considered to be a bit boring in comparison with all the other shots played in the game of golf. Professional golfers practice their short game 80% of the time and their long game just 20%. Golf teachers and instructors recommend golfers spend more time practicing their short game. Practice putting and your short game to get better at golf.

  • You use the putter twice as much as any other club.
  • The average hacker has around 40 putts per round.
  • Most golfers predominantly practice drives & full shots.
  • Pro golfers spend 80% of their time on the short game.

Putting is the Alpha & Omega of Golf

It is all about getting that little white ball in the hole! Everything else is extraneous to that goal. Putting is the Alpha and the Omega of golf. If we want to improve our scores on the links, then, putt the spots of those balls in your spare time. Putt on the practice green on the course. Putt on some carpet or a nylon matt at home or in the office at work. Putt when you get up in the morning and putt before you go to bed at night. Brush your teeth and brush your putts into a practice hole or cup. When you think golf, think about that ball disappearing into the hole.

Seek Help if You Struggle to Putt

Putting is like closing a sale. Making a clutch putt is the culmination of all your work on a hole. Good golf without making putts is not good golf. Golf when you cannot effectively putt is very frustrating. It is all about sinking those putts. Spend your time ensuring that you have the skill and composure to make the putt when it matters most. Get some professional help if you are all at sea with your putting. There are PGA teaching professionals, instructors on YouTube videos offering salient advice, and tomes written on the subject of putting. Seek out help if you are struggling to putt.

RIP Renton Laidlaw

The iconic Scottish voice of golf has left us. We thank him for his many decades of fine golf commentary on the European tour. The game will not sound the same any more.


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