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In an interview at the Rocket Classic in Detroit Jason Day says, “putting is the sun in his golfing universe”, or words to that effect. Day who is renowned for his silky-smooth putting stroke, when he is on song, was referencing the importance of putting to his game. Jason Day elucidated further by commenting that when he was at his best, he could see the putts rolling in prior to making the stroke. He reckons that he could push or pull the putt and they would still go in when he was in that zone.

Putting is the Most Important Part of Golf

Putting is the most important aspect of my own game. The longer I play this sport I find I can only derive real satisfaction from a round if I make putts. Golf is a very frustrating game when you are not making putts. Hitting the ball well from tee to green and missing putts sucks. I bitch and moan about the greens on my home deck thinking that there must be something wrong with them because I miss too many putts. However, in reality, after lengthy consideration, I miss more putts at home because I play most of my golf there.

A Love Hate Relationship with My Putting

Sinking putts is ultimately what competitive golf is all about. A good putting stroke requires fine motor skills and steady nerves. Good technique is going to really help the golfer make more putts in the long run. Remember when the presumed pressure is on it will be your technique that stands up under the gun. I have had a love hate relationship with putting throughout my golfing life.  The cave man inside me despises the fact that a little bitty putt counts just as much as a booming drive. Getting the right amount of energy into a putt to produce the perfect speed and playing the right amount of break can do my head in at certain times during a round of golf.

Jason Day says, “putting is the sun in his golfing universe”. Think about that statement. The sun is the energising centre of our solar system or universe. Day is telling us that putting is the most important part of his golf game at the highest level. Honing a dialled in putting stroke is at the centre of a top line competitive golf game. You must make putts to succeed in this sport. Are you practicing your putting craft? How often? Are you always working hard to become a better putter? It’s all about putting stupid! Don’t waste time on stuff that is not as vital to scoring. The sun and the universe is putting in golf.


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