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Golf’s ode to high tech continues in 2022 with the TaylorMade new driver Stealth. Boasting a carbon fibre face and crown this new driver goes where many other manufacturers have avoided. Carbon fibre as a material in golf clubs has been tried a couple of times before by Callaway and Yonex. Those results were terrible and unsupported by the market respectively. Will Stealth be a carbon copy of these previous mistakes or has the carbon fibre faced driver finally come of age? TaylorMade will release this new driver in 2022, so, we will have to wait and see.

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Stealth Driver Reintroduces Carbon Fibre to the Face

Carbon fibre is marketed as sixty times stronger than steel, and will this be a defining characteristic of TaylorMade’s new Stealth driver? Light weight strength is what high tech golf clubs are all about, especially for drivers and fairway clubs. Will the performance of this new weapon in the TaylorMade armoury set supersonic standards to catch the eye of the golf equipment buying public? A new livery of red and black adorns Stealth; and one can only think about those stealth bombers in the arsenal of the military.

Golf in Great Shape in 2022

It is good to see something different being tried again and a major change to golf club manufacturing for the first time in two decades. Golf has burgeoned during the global pandemic, with more people playing and joining golf clubs than ever before. Golf retailers have had mega trading conditions and there seems an insatiable appetite for the game right now. Perhaps Stealth with take us to new heights and levels of performance with the driver in 2022. TaylorMade is one of the top manufacturers in the business with a host of great products and sponsored PGA tour professionals in their stable.

Will you be one of the first to run out and snap up a Stealth carbon fibre faced driver in 2022? It will be interesting to see if this foray into something new will turn out to be a winner or a turkey. Stealth retains several of the popular features found on the Sim and M6 models. Things like foam injected face inserts in the head and moveable weights to promote a fade or draw. Plus, the 12 settings on the adjustable loft sleeve for great flexibility in tailoring your driver to your exact specifications.


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