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Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game. The topic of this article is golf swing thoughts and what a golfer thinks about during a swing. Now, some might say, I don’t think about anything! Well, that is great if it is, indeed, true. This is because

too many swing thoughts can overwhelm performance.

Personally, I have worked out that one swing thought can help me achieve a better outcome. Golf swing thoughts: What are you thinking about? Usually, a positive swing thought can be one that is addressing a particular problem with your swing.

Every Golfer Has a Swing Unique to Them

This is why I do not subscribe to following swing thoughts of famous golfers like Ben Hogan or Tiger Woods. The stuff that they were working on may not be universal and quite likely was personal to their own swings. My ethos is that we all have our own truths, and it is best to forge your own path. Every golfer has a swing unique to them. We each have an individual body type and we swing the golf club accordingly. I do recommend working with a PGA teaching professional, as they can observe and guide your remedial progress.

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Standard Swing Thought or Different Swing Thoughts?

Most of us experience that time over the ball, just prior to pulling the trigger on the backswing. It can be acute, especially when attempting to play an important shot. Some would say, immediately, all shots are important! Yes, that is probably true, but some shots feel harder than others in my experience. That time, which can include the pre-shot routine, is sometimes excruciating in its poignancy during a round. Golf swing thoughts: What are you thinking about in this moment? Do you have a standard swing thought or different swing thoughts for different clubs and situations?

Swing Thoughts for the Driver

I know for me it is the driver, the club with the longest shaft, that incurs the most memorable golf swing thoughts. I am usually working on something with the driver to encourage me to finish my backswing and not get too quick on the transition to the downswing.

Sometimes it works and sometimes, it seems, nothing works, and I am lost all at sea. These swing thoughts are related to body feels for me in my golf swing. I want to remind myself to take the time to feel a full shoulder turn prior to swinging back through the ball. I want to remind myself to be structurally sound over the ball in my backswing, is another swing thought I employ with the driver.

We all learn in different ways and swing thoughts, or cues will be unique, on this basis, for all of us. Experience will convey to each of us what works and what doesn’t in this regard. This is why Ben Hogan’s cupping of the wrist swing thought may not work for many golfers. It is unlikely that you will find a magic move or swing thought from someone else. Rather it will be far more helpful to develop your own swing thoughts based on the evolution of your golf swing in conjunction with your coach or PGA professional.

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