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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just incarcerated a young female student for 38 years for Tweeting. Yes, the backers of the LIV tour, Greg Norman’s baby, gaol people for using social media. Saudi Arabia sentences young girl to 38 years for Tweeting. The young woman involved was speaking out on Twitter for women’s rights in the heavily censored and undemocratic fiefdom of the Saudi royal family. Earlier we reported that the Saudi regime had executed 81 human beings in one day for ‘so-called’ crimes against the state. Golfers around the world cannot ignore these horrendous injustices and this corrupt autocratic regime. Golf is a game built on integrity and fairness.

Phil “I lost $200 million” Mickelson

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Gaols Female Student For 38 Years

In my experience in the game there are two distinct types of golf professionals. I have played in plenty of pro-ams and come into regular contact with club pros via instruction and playing weekly comps. There is the pro who only thinks about himself and what things mean to his pocket. This is the guy who complains a lot about stuff when things don’t go his way. The second type of golf pro sees the bigger picture and recognises his place in the overall scheme of things. These pros take the time to help golfers of all abilities and are a credit to the PGA. Obviously the journey of the tour pro and the club pro are very different but it doesn’t take a whole lot to bring some greater awareness to how you go about your business.

Sportswashing Saudis Will Own Golf

In life you cannot blindly just take money from wherever without realising that there are always strings attached. There are consequences for every action, whether they manifest immediately or down the track. Ask yourself why the Saudi’s are putting up this money and why they want to be associated with elite sport in the west? What is the sense in investing billions of dollars in professional golf? Do they want to distract you and me from the murder of journalists like Jamal Khashoggi? From headlines like – Saudi Arabia sentences young girl to 38 years for tweeting? From the crimes against humanity in Yemen?

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The New Home of Golf?
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The Saudi royal family are rich with oil money. Saudi oil giant Aramco is making $700 million per day in profit. A few shekels tossed golf’s way is not going to break the bank; and if short sighted golf fans are going to focus on the exploits of players in LIV golf, then, for them its money well spent on Sportswashing their image. Hey, we pay for your golf tournaments. Hey, we own your silly game of golf. Only dumb people think that you can take the money and not be bought. You take the money and you are owned.

Saudi Arabia sentences young girl to 38 Years for Tweeting crowd of people at masjid al haram
Spot the Golfer!

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Phil Mickelson admits to losing $200 million – through gambling in the main. The guy is an idiot. How can you admire someone so stupid? It takes all sorts to make up a world. Maybe Phil should have spent less time practicing and more time paying attention to his bank balance. Golf is a great game but it isn’t bigger than doing the right thing. You cannot compartmentalise golf from real life and human rights. Watching LIV golf means that you support it.


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