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Join us in our campaign to minimise slow play in golf. Say no to slow play by your actions and awareness out on course. This scourge of golf courses everywhere needs to be met head on. What can we all do about ending tardy play and its miserable impact upon the enjoyment of our golf? We can each remain vigilant in our duty to keep the game moving along. Firstly, keep up with the group in front and if you fall behind make an effort to catch up. It is our responsibility, as players and as members of a four ball, to maintain the pace of play despite delays looking for lost balls. If you fall behind speed up and catch up pronto. #saynotoslowplay #slowplay #endslowplay

Things we can do to maintain a good pace of play:

  1. Always be ready to play your shot when it is your turn.
  2. Stay aware of your group’s position within the field.
  3. Remember that you only have 3 minutes to find a lost ball.
  4. Play ready golf.
  5. Pick up your ball if you have wiped the hole.
  6. Leave the green in a timely fashion and don’t mark your scorecard there.
  7. Avoid protracted pre-shot routines where possible.
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Teach em young to pay attention to the pace of play

Golf is a great game and there are a couple of hundred of us competing in competitions at clubs on busy days. To optimise the enjoyment for all, we need to keep things moving along in terms of pace of play. If you are a golfer who likes to spend some time over the ball prior to striking it, then, compensate by making an effort to get to your ball as quickly as you can. Never dawdle on the golf course.

Slow Play? No Way!

According to studies, into the pace of play at club competition level the single most influential factor determining how long a round of golf takes is the flow of traffic between four ball groupings. Obviously, like traffic delays everywhere, a slow group in front holds everyone up. If that group fails to notice their tardy rate of play and doesn’t take steps to speed up, then all the groups behind experience the effects of slow play on their round. One extra minute of uneccessary delay in a leading four ball can result in an extra 30 minutes in the duration of the round for those groups following behind.

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We all need to say no to slow play!

Your Actions & Awareness Can Speed Up Play

Join us in ending overly long rounds of golf by making every effort in your round and four ball to play promptly and expediently. Be nimble and swift in your navigation of the course. Expedite your golfing journey with fleet footed assuredness where possible. Alacrity and brisk play equals enjoyment for all. Join us in this campaign to SAY NO TO SLOW PLAY by keeping your group’s pace of play foremost in mind, throughout, and we will all ensure the demise of the dreaded nearly 5 hour round at medal events. Really 4 hours max should be plenty long enough for the average golfer to complete a competitive round of golf. Your actions can make a difference next time you tee it up!