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You know that whatever you say will be taken the wrong way. You can sense the bristly welcome in your partner’s mien. You, also, know that it is the right thing to do. BUT…Just don’t shoot the messenger Bro!

This is not a case of telling your best friend that their wife or husband is sleeping with someone else but it can sometimes feel like that.

How do I tell him or her that they’re swinging way too fast and getting it all wrong? We have all had that experience out on the golf course when observing your playing partner is like watching a train wreck at close hand.

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What To Do or Say?

Now, you can simply ignore the carnage and concentrate on playing your own game but what kind of friend does that. Sometimes it is way too painful to ignore for too long and the golf course can be an intense place for shit like this to happen. Something needs to be said and no one else is piping up. We all can struggle with our swing sometimes and it is tough to see yourself because there aint too many mirrors on the golf course. “Buddy can I mention that you might be swinging a tad too quickly.”

Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger

The glare coming back you at is often mixed with the self-loathing and simmering rage your four-ball partner is experiencing. The cursing and muttering under the breath has been going on for a good while now. The strange jerky movements have been akin to a broken marionette on the tee. The twisted facial features are permanently grimacing in every direction. The beautiful golf swing is so far removed that your buddy seems to have been invaded by punk rockers on the dancefloor of a grungy nightclub.

You find yourself forced to look away before you infect your own tee shot via some strange empathy.

How do I tell him or her? Give it to them straight. No pussy footing around just a clear serve of the truth. Sometimes we all need to be told. SLOW DOWN! Those two words are the best advice ever given on the tee. You see, we live in a speeded up world where instantaneous is the expectation for most things. Technology delivers the instant hit but golf clubs don’t. Golf is old school, so don’t be fooled by the graphite. Your golf swing is all about timing the sequence of moves.

Rushing never did anything good on the golf course.

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You have to be cruel to be kind in the above situation. A firm word of advice is required to lance the boil. If your golf partner cannot get there by himself or herself point them in the right direction. Nobody loves a golfer who constantly gives free advice out on the links, but every now and then, there comes a time. Take them aside and gently mention the two best words every uttered on course. Look them in the eye and impart the message with sincerity. “Mate, you just need to slow everything down.”

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