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Why read books? Why would you read a golf book? I mean, golf is an experiential activity and not an intellectual or theoretical one. I agree that the best way to get better at golf is to play. Nothing teaches like experience in my view. However, if you do not naturally gravitate toward finding effective solutions via your golf swing, then, a series of lessons with a PGA teaching professional is highly recommended. In addition, if you are like me and you really love the game, then, reading a few quality golf books can be both a pleasurable pastime and a useful thing to do.

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Reading Golf Books

Reading a book focuses the brain in a way that reading short grabs on your phone or computer screen doesn’t usually provide. A book is a bit of a journey that the reader shares with the author. The quiet time necessary to really read a good book switches our brains to a different level, where we can take in information unhindered by distraction. Neuroscientists have done tests on human brains and shown the different brain waves produced whilst subjects are reading. The brain is producing gamma brain waves when it is actively processing information and these are fast moving. A high level of concentration is required to maintain this state and the quiet time demanded by the book format is perfect for this.

The View Atop the Mountain

When you are aspiring to climb the mountain to become the best golfer you possibly can, it is useful to see the view from the perspective of those who have climbed that mountain. The right golf book can offer that glimpse of the terrain ahead. Reading about golf can assist with fulfilling our dreams to become the greatest golfer we can be. Spending some quality time with a well written tome on the game of golf can lay the groundwork for the great leap forward.

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Why read books? Why read the golf book? To get you in the mood for achieving your goals on the golf course. Imbue your play with the data derived from the greats of the game. Infuse your golf with insights from those who ponder and analyse the elements that make up the greatest game ever invented. Reach for the heights inside the green cathedral. Breathe in the magical air that abounds within each golf course. Know yourself and your swing like never before with the assistance of those who have taken these steps before. Read and dream. Dream and discover the secrets of the game.