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To start off, let me share some golf teaching video maker names. How about: Fore Play Golf – to get you in the mood. Scratch Golf Academy – if you’ve got an itch for golf. Mr Short Game Golf – for the vertically challenged golfer. Golf Sidekick – A shank by any other name. Golf Digest – Metabolising the data. Second Swing Golf – Of course, you don’t get one of these in golf, not without paying for it. Most instructional golf video producers use their own name to grace their wares. These passionate men and women film themselves via their phones in a bid to promote what they have to offer to the world. Hats off to their chutzpa and sense of adventure in creating these brief gems. In naming these the top ten worst golf YouTube videos I am not wishing any ill will upon the makers. This is merely my opinion and all is done with a sense of humour at its intent.

10. Padraig Harrington – Wrists in the Swing – The Details

The Irishman is a multi-major winner on golf’s biggest stage. Perhaps, he should leave the instructional golf video realm to others. Confused presentation on a windy day and this falls over like his red golf bag in the video. Paddy focus your efforts on the senior tour. padraigharrington.com

9. Rick Shiels Golf Tips – How to Hit Driver

Rick communicates like he is looking for a stoush in a pub. Shaking his head and eyeballing all and sundry. It is tough for the viewer to process the dialect and attitude of this PGA professional on screen. I am sure Rick has his fans hailing from his part of the British Isles.

8. Golf Sidekick – Pro Vs Amateur

This is South Africa’s answer to a question I have never posed. Quirky and unique with all its marbles in the voice over narration. The masked servile female caddies were an interesting touch and I imagine this was filmed somewhere in Asia. A throwback to the bad old days of golf when  it was an elitist colonial game exploiting the poor.

7. 2nd Swing Golf – 3 Ways to Increase Launch Angle with Driver

This production has dodgy sound with too many sharp notes. Useful information from a presenter who has let himself down on the technical side. The launch monitor has become a new YouTube favourite for golf tech-heads.

6. Ali Taylor Golf – Testing the Ping G410 Fairway Wood

Alistair is an in-your-face Scotsman who loves to test clubs on camera for the benefit of his viewers. Camera spends an inordinate amount of time on the actual clubhead. Plenty of detail given but could do with a liberal amount of editing. Elongated vowels are a feature of this video.

5. Danny Maude – Change Your Chipping Forever

Danny is a passionate presenter who loves to hammer his personality into every frame. Expressive and I could see him selling used cars. Once again, I am sure Danny has loads of loyal YouTube fans. Personally too many videos from this chap leave me shutting down.

4. Golfdronline – Easy Way to Test the Lie of Your Clubs

This is the instructional golf video in its silent phase like the movies pre-talkies. Slightly creepy and strangely hard to follow. I kept waiting for Charlie Chaplin and some naff piano.

3. Top Speed Golf – One Tip That Will Change Your Driving Forever

Clay Ballard is a southern gentleman and a prolific producer of YouTube golf videos. He obviously loves this format for his teaching. Plenty of good intel in these instructional golf videos. There can be too much of a good thing however.

2. Alex Elliott Golf – This Bowed Left Wrist Will Change Your Game.

Communication is an important element within the instructional golf video and Alex is all over the place. Timing in delivery within the swing is important but so is timing in delivery of the spoken word. You cannot knock this chap’s passion for what he is doing, however. Ultimately he will get there I predict in terms of quality and production.

  1. Mark Crossfield – Ping G410 Fairways

Mark and friends are out of focus and a collection of strange blokes looking uncomfortable on camera. The narration on this video is ripe for a bloody good edit down. The jokes are unfunny, and the delivery laboured. You cannot deny the misplaced enthusiasm, however. There is good information to be had but one must wade through too much dross to get at it.

GolfDom wishes all instructional golf video makers best wishes in their pursuit of perfection in this exciting medium. It is a valuable component of the golfing world, helping players everywhere improve their golf and enjoy the game more.

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