Aussie golfers cursed at Masters
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The mullet and wispy moustache belie a beast of an altogether different nature. This youthful Australian golfer is the best we have to offer the world at this point in time. You may have noticed that young Cam has put on a few pounds of late. The lithe frame is filling out in order to crank those drives out there and to take his place on the global golf stage. Cameron Smith: A golfer at the top of his game currently sits at No. 23 in the world golf rankings.

Best Golfer to Come Out of Australia in Recent Times

Sure it was disappointing to see him throw away The Northern Trust in a playoff loss to Tony Finau by carving his ball well right into the OB sea. Yes, he coulda woulda shoulda won the WGC event at St Jude. However, the fact that he was competing at the very pointy end of these big tournaments is testament to his form and immense abilities. Who would have thought that a modest young chap from Queensland could contend with the best golfers on the planet week in and week out? Wantima Country Club must be proud as punch of this pound for pound best pro golfer to come out of OZ in recent times.

Cam Tied the Lowest Number of Putts in a PGA Round

Sartorially he could lift the bar somewhat, in this golf correspondent’s view, but this is neither here or there in the greater scheme of things. Put a golf club in the hands of this young man and you will see an artist at work on the links. Place a putter or wedge in his hand and you can expect Cam to make it. Cameron Smith tied the lowest number of putts in a PGA round just the other day at that WGC event. He shot a 60 and just missed shooting 59 in the third round at The Northern Trust. He is firing at the right time of the season, as the FEDEX Cup comes to its exceedingly rich climax.

Hells bells folks this boy is the real deal when it comes to knocking that little white ball around the links. He is the boss of the moss when it matters most. He is number one in sand saves on the US PGA Tour. Sure, he needs to sort out something with the odd errant drive in big moments. Funnily enough as an avid golfer and watcher of big tournaments I took heart from the fact that even the very best golfers make mistakes like that. Personally I know what it feels like to stuff up a great round of golf in the club competition on the final holes. I do it all too regularly! Hats off to Cameron Smith: A golfer at the top of his game.

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