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Have you ever asked yourself why you are such a crap golfer? Not in reaction to a bad round but truly enquired into why you can never get the job done out on the links. Is the game just too hard for you and the majority of your compatriots? Are you fundamentally incapable and unsuited to playing good golf? Perhaps you are too soft and live a modern comfy life where everything is made easy for you. Most of your life is pre-digested and pap to ensure that you can cope. You move from air conditioned comfort inside your home to an air conditioned cocoon inside your car and then, to the same soft environment at work. Life is one long snooze in a soothing climate with minimal challenges. Perhaps, this is why you cannot hack it on the golf course and why you are such a crap golfer.

What Your Behaviour Tell Us About You

Of course, you may drive around your golf course in a motorised golf cart to make that easier for you too. You avoid playing golf on wet or windy days to ensure a less challenging outcome. Some golfers tank up on alcohol to dull the potential pain of playing golf in the great outdoors. You limit your exposure to any tough stuff in every way that you possibly can in your life. You ask yourself what am I doing out here? After you have sliced your shot deep into the rough and find your ball behind a gnarly tree; and you are rooted good and proper. Why me? You plead in your most whiny voice inside your head. What did I do to deserve such an unfair result? You moan in the most righteous manner to yourself.

A Fair Weather Golfer

Golf asks you to toughen up Princess. The game of golf is not some rendition of tiddly winks. Not some video game that happens on a screen. There is no push button or touch screen solution to your problems in the real world of golf. That is a real tree with real gnarly roots that could break your wrists really easily. That is loose sand beneath your ball just waiting to eat up your attempt at a recovery shot back onto the fairway. Are you a fair weather golfer? A fair weather friend to the game when it suits you? Would you rather go running back to the safety of your warm house and forget about playing this difficult shot?

Deep Down You Know…

Golf is a game from a bygone age when life was a lot harder for human beings. This is why you are such a crap golfer. You are not hard enough to handle the basics of getting it around the links. Striking that rock hard white sphere and directing it down the fairway or onto that green is no picnic. Keeping it together for eighteen holes is well beyond you. Hitting long straight shots in these outdoor conditions is no piece of cake. You complain and mutter about how things are so unfair. You find your errant shot in a diabolical spot and swear. You curse the creator of this fucking game. You might ponce about in your white belt but when push comes to shove you find yourself wanting. Deep down you know why you are such a crap golfer.


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