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I don’t like to think about things too much. I do stuff. I get up in the morning and go to bed at night. The world is the world; and I am me. All this analysing everything is not for me. Life happens and then you are dead.

A lot of men don’t read books because they don’t want anyone else inside their head. Books and written material are sneaky like that, they start up arguments abut stuff and try to convince you. If you don’t let them in to begin with, you haven’t any worries on that score. Books can be a bad business.

Sure, I might read stuff like a manual or set of instructions, but that is different. These kinds of reading don’t seek to mess with your head. A how-to-guide just lays out the steps needed to do something correctly.

Are Men Afraid of Books?

Mate, I’m not afraid of anything. I just don’t need a whole lot of extra crap bouncing around inside of my head. Life is too full of stuff anyway. I put up with all that reading at school and now, I am free of that. I decide what gets inside of my brain. Reading books is just asking for trouble. I work hard, I like a drink to relax with, and I watch a bit of tellie. All that deep thinking crap can give me a wide berth.

What About Reading the Bible?

Are you kidding me? Who the bloody hell reads the Bible? Talk about books being a bad business. All that religious stuff is old hat. Nobody goes in for that these days. Like I said, I left all of that stuff behind when I was a kid at school. I worry about what affects me in the here and now, and it isn’t no one else’s business. Men don’t read books because we are too damn busy minding our own business!

Have You Ever Been Inside a Book Shop?

Yeh, course I have. Picking up a Chrissy or birthday present for someone in the family with the wife. A bit like a library with all them books categorised into different topics. Not cheap either most of them books. Life is too short to waste time and money on bloody books in my view. I’ve got my ideas about things and other people have theirs. Why would I want to go and faff around with someone else’s ideas?

So, You’re Not a Fan of Written Communication?

Leave off with the third degree. I got my view and they have got theirs. I do stuff. I go about me business. Enough said.



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