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If your name is Cameron Smith and you hail from Queensland this question is a no-brainer. But what about the rest of us mere mortals who wield the shiny sticks for better or worse? Why golf is a rich and rewarding game? The answer for us does not come in bank notes, big boats, and fancy mansions. No, our reward is a less tangible thing. We play the game for a variety of reasons. We walk the hallowed turf amid the green cathedral because we love the game of golf.

Golf is it the Most Rewarding Game?

If like me you play as much as you can your reply to this question is in the affirmative. There is so much grist for the mill within each game on the links. You hardly ever hear of golfers bemoaning boredom after a round of golf. Plenty of whinging about poor play and mishits but little grumbling about being bored. Slow play? YES, absolutely. There are a multitude of things to complain about after four hours on the course of competitive golf but that just shows how engaged with the sport we are. The shared experience with family and friends is another big plus to consider.

The Riches of Golf Are All Around

The true riches of golf are all around us. The opportunity to walk these magnificent golf courses is in itself an experience abundant in riches. To breathe in fresh air expressed by the foliage all around us on the golf course is a privilege. Many of us fail to pay tribute to the basics, which underpin our golfing experience. For many of us urban dwellers, golf courses are one of the few places where we can encounter wildlife going about their business. If we walk the course, which is the way nature intended us to play the game, you are in step with the natural world.

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At my local course I am lucky enough to share it with kangaroos, lace monitor lizards, and a huge variety of birdlife. Kangaroos are a joy to look at and must be the most relaxed looking animal on the planet when resting in the shade of a tree. Lace monitors or Tree Goannas grow to around 2 metres and are impressive to say the least, as they waddle across the fairway. Avian life on the golf course, outside of figurative birdies and eagles, add colour and sound to majestic vistas all around. These creatures enrich my golfing experience every day I am out there on the links.

Lace Monitor Lizard
Tree Goanna

The focus that the game of golf demands from us can transport us to a zone, where we swing in rhythm for a few sublime moments. The feeling of oneness, when we put it all together, is a rich and rewarding sensation. The rarity of these effortless performances makes them doubly special. Of course, if we were doing it all the time, we might be Cameron Smith. The magic of playing golf brings the majesty of the arena and the Zen like experience of golfing in the zone together in a sublime moment of fulfilment.

golfer in the zone
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Why golf is a rich and rewarding game? For all of the reasons above. Forget about baubles and banknotes, it is so much more than those things. Toiling away on-course is a labour of love for me and many millions like myself. We grind and eke out our best scores on the day. We ride the rollercoaster of highs and lows on our way to 18 holes of golf. We swing away with hope in our hearts. We putt, we pitch, and we blast our way out of greenside bunkers. We wield the one wood with the risk reward factor pounding away inside our chest. We do all of these things a multitude of times and love the whole experience. Golf there is nothing like it on the planet.


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