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There is always a lot of talk before a major golf tournament like the Open. Conversations turn to golfing matters in pubs and clubs around the land. Folks debate about who is going to win the championship. Talk of form and horses for courses. Chatter about favourites and smokies. Who is due and who the sentimental choice is? Lee Westwood is my sentimental favourite and universally considered most due. An English golfer has not won the Open on English soil since 1969 via Tony Jacklin. That is 52 years without a victor from the home country. How fitting would it be for Westwood to salute at Royal St George’s? Westwood: Dreams of winning the Open in England would be an enormous achievement.

Is Royal St George’s the Perfect Place for Westwood to Win?

Lee Westwood has finished top 3 in every major without winning one. Westwood is in form and playing good enough golf to win the big one. Lee is approaching his half century and the clock has been ticking for a long time. Think about Darren Clarke winning here in 2011 and how much the golfing public appreciated the rightness of that. A deserved victor for sure. Is Royal St George’s Golf Club the perfect place for a golfing wrong to be righted? The perfect track for Westwood to win and achieve his major dream?

Lee Westwood Want to Win The Open

Lee Westwood is newly married, and his wife is on the bag. This is Westwood’s 88th major golf tournament start. The media and the fans are happy to see some conjugal joy on course. Helen of Troy as his caddie. Could this be his secret weapon to help him finally reach his major destiny? Love is in the air. Love is on the bag. Winning the Open at Royal St George’s with Helen by his side would be a touching story to enchant the world media.

Westwood has put himself in contention in the biggest tournaments many times. He has the game to do it again. Can he charm the golfing gods to finally secure his major dream? Playing well and getting a few fortunate bounces would be just desserts for a golfer who is seriously due. Westwood: Winning the Open in England would be a massive achievement. I would like to see it happen at Sandwich in 2021. Link’s golf is a funny business. This is one quirky course. Lee Westwood the champion golfer of the year – yeh, I would like to see that.


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