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After an exhaustive study into the offerings of YouTube golf instructors I can categorically conclude that the majority of them suck.

These vacuous individuals are far more interested in seeing and listening to themselves via video on social media than actually having anything worthwhile to communicate to golfers.

There are way too many Northern Englishmen taking up space and airtime on YouTube. In previous times these guys would be selling used cars to a gullible public. They bring the same annoying and hectoring style to their presentations, selling themselves loudly to the viewer. The sales pitch these boyos bring to the digital golf realm is incessant and unrelenting. Yes, wannabe celebrity YouTube golf instructor’s suck!

Hot Air Fogging Up the Instructional Golf Space Online

Stupid topics abound and each video is chock full of the sound of their hot air clogging up the pixels and bytes. These YouTube golf instructors are in it for the advertising revenue and the freebies they can source from golf club manufacturers and the like.

Opinionated little men expressing their flim flam ideas online for whatever they can get out of it. Narcissistic lightweights in love with their own reflection displayed on a screen near you.

The internet can be an educational tool par excellence if it is not crammed with crap offerings from sad individuals constantly selling unwanted stuff.

YouTube Golf Instructors Flogging Unwanted Stuff

Golf is a game played on majestic slivers of nature. The soundtrack is alive with birdsong and the wind whistling through the foliage. The golf swing is a Zen like experience of letting go and concentration. I call the golf course the green cathedral, as it is a special and awesome space. Why then do we have to have these YouTube merchants and barber surgeons plying their ugly trade on the fringes of this great game of ours? Mate, I don’t care if you are so full of yourself you don’t need to eat for a lifetime, I’m not buying!

Ranting & Raving to Get Noticed

You rant and rave about the secret solution to golfing problems. Golf fixes flogged online for unsuspecting marks. In truth, I never tire of the many elements of this magical game. The sequenced movements, which are required to play a shot. The touch and feel around the greens. The effortless launch of a drive soaring down the fairway. The dropping of an unlikely putt from long range. The temporary satisfaction that a well-played stroke delivers. In contrast with this I loathe the hectoring YouTube golf instructor/salesman. The internet needs some standards. The digital space desperately requires some guidelines and parameters. The golfing world would be a better landscape with some benchmarks. Free the golf digital realm from little men marketing themselves to the unwary. The downside of smart phones with video camera functionality is the advent of the piss poor YouTube golf instructor.


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