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Why are YouTube golf instructors so annoying? Why do they talk incessantly and reveal so little? Does this medium attract people who are in love with the sound of their own voice? All these questions and more will hopefully be answered in this short article. Many of us are searching for solutions regarding our dire golf games. We are battling with shanks, pulls, pushes, topped shots, hitting it fat, and consistently missing makeable putts. The game of golf is not much fun when you are shooting yourself in the foot more frequently than a yellow-bellied soldier at war. So, we turn to our devices to see if we can find some help with our shot making skills and golf swing. Enter the terribly annoying golf instructor on YouTube into your life.

YouTube Golf Instructors Selling Hope

This, however, is a dangerous path to reconnoitre and is filled with shallow graves hiding the corpses of recently deceased games of fellow golfers.

The tips and easy swing fixes proffered by these smiling snake oil salesmen of the golfing realm can, often, do more harm than good.

The ground under repair is littered with names like Ian Baker Finch and David Duval. Famous golfers who lost their games whilst striving to get better. Perhaps, Tiger Woods should be mentioned in this category as well? Anyway, most of us don’t have that much game to lose to begin with, but a lesson can unleash a demon of awful ineptitude inside your golfing body and head.

Glib YouTube Presenters Promising Instant Fixes

So, we are kicking back on the couch and shuffling through the offerings on YouTube on our smart TVs. Looking for something that rings a bell in regard to our failings over the little white ball. Up pops a glib presenter promising instant relief from a litany of lurches and leaks. Drills to fix this and that. Secrets revealed and simple golf tips made easy for your ready consumption online. Click on one and immediately an enthusiastic voice promises instant relief from whatever problem you are currently struggling with. The quick banter herald’s improvement and salvation if you just listen to this person who apparently has all the answers. Golf, as we know it, is not an easy game, so, why do we believe these hucksters and their easy promises? Gullible and a soft touch when it comes to things we don’t really know that much about? Perhaps.

The golf instructor on YouTube is like the computer business, more generally, making plenty of promises with no real guarantees. They talk fast so that you don’t have time to really focus on what they are saying. A succession of golf terms and jargon are bandied about to peak your interest. Well-known faults are listed like an inventory of labels to claim your attention. Imagine if these presenters were held accountable for all their pie in the sky claims. Those annoying voices would pipe down pretty quick if one or two of them faced hefty gaol sentences for fraudulent claims and behaviour. The golf instructor is perfectly placed for a steady stream of ongoing work because golf swings are forever breaking down. If car mechanics produced the piddling results teaching golf pros generate there would be a riot or uprising. The quick fix may work for one round or a few holes but something else soon goes wrong. This is because biomechanically everything is connected in the human body and the golf swing. A tweek here results in an imbalance over there. An adjustment with a magic move in the backswing can provoke a bigger problem down the chain. The elbows connected to the…..

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Talk of trail arms and swing planes. Pronating and rotating. Connections and extensions. Rhythm and tempo. The golf swing captures the attention of frustrated players like the sex starved elephant in heat. Cracking the code of the perfect transition can take a lifetime and only last for nanoseconds.

The perfect swing is as mysterious as your first kiss but much harder to achieve in the first place, let alone sustain for any length of time.

The terribly annoying golf instructors on YouTube are laughing all the way to their next session with their iPhone and their narcissistic love affair with themselves. Mirror, mirror on my screen whose the fairest golf instructor of them all? Who is the loudest and most annoying of them all? Who espouses more useless launch monitor derived statistics than the rest?


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