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The modern-day Titanic struggle between the USA and Europe in golfing terms is on again after an enforced Covid pandemic break. This time played in Wisconsin at Whistling Straits on a testing track by Lake Michigan. A new American team free of Tiger and Phil boasts generational change and eight out of the top ten players on the world rankings. The Ryder Cup captures the passion and antagonistic nature of sport’s fans across the globe. This contest pits the best male golfers from the two dominant tours and western continents against each other to take the ultimate prize and bragging rights.

USA Vs Europe in The Ryder Cup

Europe has had the wood on the Yanks over the last couple of decades in this biannual event played over three days. Prior to this, when it was the USA vs Great Britain & Ireland, America won it every two years for 48 of them. A new generation of American golfers makes up this superstar team of golfers. Names Like Bryson DeChambeau, Justin Thomas, Dustin Johnson, Brookes Koepka, Collin Morikawa, and Jordan Spieth are the new version of Team USA. Europe by contrast has an older and more experienced team. Their Ryder Cup team contains plenty of 40+ YOs, like Ian Poulter, Sergio Garcia, and Lee Westwood.

Captains Stricker & Harrington

The captains of the respective teams are Steve Stricker for the USA and Padraig Harrington for Europe. A taciturn American and a tinkerer from Ireland head up these battling teams contesting for the hallowed Ryder Cup. Golf is not a team sport in its most prevalent guise. Golf tests the mettle of the individual against the course in its usual format. Matchplay is only played infrequently and team events even more infrequently. The combination of these two formats makes the Ryder Cup a much loved outlier in golfing terms.

Passionate Fans at the Ryder Cup

The fans at the Ryder Cup are loud and patriotic. Sometimes boorish and more like a football match crowd, but they do drive the intensity of the clash between these two great golfing continents. The Americans generally get off to the better start on the first day if history is any guide. The format contains four pairings of foursomes in the morning and four pairings of fourballs in the afternoon. This is reversed and repeated on the second day. Sunday is the final day featuring 12 single matches between the teams. Each match is worth a point, a halved match is worth a half a point. There are a total of 28 points available and the first to 14.5 points wins the Ryder Cup. In the event of a tie on 14 points apiece, the Ryder Cup is retained by the team holding the cup from the last time played.


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