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If you have been bitten by the golf bug and are making the journey to playing better golf here are a few shared insights.

They say that the average golfer only plays to his or her handicap around 23% of the time.

I can believe that after an examination of my completed rounds over a chunk of time. Why is this so, when I am making a concerted effort to get better at this game? It is easy to get dispirited sometimes when the results do not come your way. The journey to playing better golf is no easy thing, if it was many of us wouldn’t bother.

Integrating Swing Changes Into Your Game

Lately, I have been telling myself that it is only natural to struggle with scoring when integrating swing changes into your game. If you have been having a series of lessons with a PGA professional, like me, then, it takes time to process and practice these new moves. It is important to drill your new swing until it can stand up under the pressure of competitive golf. If you do not have a pre-shot routine to act as a trigger for the correct sequence of events within your golf swing it can be hard to get any consistency into your performance on the course.

The Importance of Developing a Pre-Shot Routine

Human beings like routines and rituals to bring out their best, especially under the presumed pressure over those closing holes of a round.

Grooving a new swing is helped enormously by a clear pre-shot routine. It does not have to be complicated or excessive just something you can repeat out on the course. The simpler the better actually, just focus on the essentials. Find a trigger for you to begin your swing. It may involve a practice swing as dress rehearsal for the real thing. Mentally you want to be clearing the decks for the execution of your shot unhindered by baggage.

Better Golf Demands Diligence

It takes time to institute changes to your golf game. Be patient with yourself and don’t judge your failures too harshly. Be diligent in your efforts on the journey to playing better golf. Don’t give up prematurely when you don’t see instant results. Golf is very much a process orientated activity. Commit to the process and you will be rewarded. Keep beavering away at your intention to get better at this challenging game. Practice and drill your new moves within your swing. There are 14 clubs in the bag and each of them require some subtle applications.

Two Distinct Swings in You Golf Game

It is clear that there are two distinct swings to be mastered in the game of golf. A swing for your irons that involves hitting down on the ball. Conversely a driver swing demands that you strike the golf ball on the upswing, as it is perched on a tee. These two distinct swings must be practiced and perfected. However, the wedges in your bag are capable of various shots, as can be inferred from their shape, bounce, and lofts. Playing pitches to greens and extricating balls from sandy bunkers are all in the remit of wedges. Learning to play all the shots necessary in the game of golf is important if you want to enjoy the experience. Putting is described as a game within the game of golf. We use the putter more often than any other club in the average round of golf. There are fairway clubs, hybrids, long irons, mid irons, and short irons to boot. Coming to terms with all these different tools in the golfer’s arsenal is why the game really grabs our attention. There are so many variables in a round of golf to keep one interested for the rest of one’s life. The journey is never ending, so learning to love the journey is an essential pre-requisite.


  • Establish a clear intention to get better at golf
  • Be diligent in your application toward achieving this goal
  • Get professional help from a PGA teaching professional
  • Be patient with yourself as you learn new things
  • Develop a sound pre-shot routine to assist your performance
  • Practice all the shots the game of golf requires

Robert Sudha Hamilton is the author of How To Play Golf: Like A Winner & The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams


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