Golf Book Green Cathedral Dreams by Robert Sudha Hamilton
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The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams has just been published in Kindle and paperback formats through Amazon. Author Robert Sudha Hamilton said it was like watching a 60 foot putt go in, it took a long time but was doubly satisfying as a result. Writing is a lot like golf in that it does take a considerable amount of time and you never know if you are going to finish in the style you hoped for. The Golf Book hits the stands this week and it is brimming with a fresh take on golf for both longtime lovers of the game and those new to the ranks. #golfbook #GreenCathedralDreams #golfinstruction #golfers

Robert Sudha Hamilton author of The Golf Book

About the Author

Robert Sudha Hamilton is first and foremost a keen golfer. ‘A golf nut’ in the words of many at his home course on Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia. Underneath that substantial layer lies a historian, philosopher, and humanist. More than five decades of living and thinking about what it means to be a human being have encouraged an examination of course conditions. Golfing has kept him fit and able to share some great moments with fellow golfers out on the links.

“Golf teaches you to laugh at yourself in the company of others. The game is a great leveller and encourages interaction with a wide variety of ages, shapes, sizes, and types of fellow travellers.”

Robert Sudha Hamilton

Golf has long been recognised as a microcosm of the rest of human life. Perhaps, not quite a glass bead game it is a container rich in food for thought.

Robert Sudha Hamilton is also the author of House Therapy: Discover Who You Really Are at Home.

This is a book about golf and in particular why the game of golf is so special. It is a book about why I love the game and why it has captured my passion and imagination. Golf is unlike most other sporting contests in that you play primarily against the course and to a lesser extent against your playing partners and other competing golfers. The lie of the land challenges you from the opening tee shot until the final putt drops. The golf ball is not moving around when you come to play your shot and so appears to benignly beckon you to strike it. The ground, however, may not be flat beneath your feet and slopes are common all over the course.

My intention in writing this book is to get inside some of the magical moments and some of the more humorous aspects of the game of golf. There is an undeniable communing with nature flavour underpinning the game of golf, where the field of play is so massive and majestic. Let me begin by saying that all those who play the great game of golf are blessed by the experience inside the green cathedral. There is nothing quite like cracking a big drive down the fairway off the tee. Watching that ball rise in the air and hurtle vast distances to land safely is a sweet affair indeed. Rolling in a putt from an unlikely place on the green is another deeply satisfying element of the game of golf. To the uninitiated striking a stationary small white sphere from its grassy lie with a club often seems no remarkable feat. However, ask them to reproduce that achievement and what follows can involve much cursing and frustrating failure. Golf is not an easy game to master and therein lies its fascination for millions around the globe. The Golf Book hits the stands this week and I hope that you will give it a try.

The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams hits the stands
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