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Welcome to the Embrace Golf & Sacrifice Xmas Club (EGSX). What is Xmas, for many of us, anyway? It is an over-eating and over-drinking fest with people you wouldn’t normally choose to hang with. Christmas is an outmoded affair because too many of us overeat and overdrink on a daily basis. The supermarket shelves groan with all this stuff 365 days of the year. How many of us are truly cutting the throats of valued animals from our barns on this special occasion? How many of us are putting in the hard yards preparation wise to produce a Xmas feast? Most are buying pre-prepared and pre-stuffed turkeys and the like in 2021. It is a sham. A fake event on the calendar.

Xmas is for Kids

Xmas is for kids and for those who have little tykes get stuck in with my blessings. This materialistic extravaganza is a made for children. Those with tired livers and too many spare tyres are best advised to miss this date with calories and kilojoules. Killer jewels would not entice me back into the festive fold for this pseudo Christian event. Every day is Xmas for those who live on the right side of wealth and privilege in this fair land. The Embrace Golf & Sacrifice Xmas Club (EGSX) is about healing the awful overindulging inclination of those who have gone before us.

Golf is the Scottish Game

Tame the fat slob within and emerge leaner post the 25th of December via a round of golf. Golf is the Scottish game, where miserliness is a virtue on the score card. Real golfers walk the fairways. Especially on Christmas day, after jumping the fence of a closed golf course near you. To play golf on Xmas day is a special thing. It says, “ I will not stuff my face with turkey and pudding!” This sacrifice says, “I am more than a consumer for corporations flogging stuff nobody truly needs.” Golf on Xmas day makes a statement in the face of rampant excessive consumption in privileged neighbourhoods across our nation.

Fresh Air Inside the Green Cathedral

I swing a stick at a stationary ball for my supper on Xmas day in the sizzling heat. I don’t sit down with other fatties and drink myself into a jingle belled oblivion amid the tinsel and shiny balls on a dead tree. My trees are alive on course around the links, as I swipe at a white sphere temporarily resting on a green grassy surface. I live for the soaring drive from the tee. I celebrate the snaking seventy footer for eagle or birdie. I hear the avion orchestra on my golf course. I breathe in the fresh air all around this green cathedral of towering trees. My prayers are answered by hitting greens. I share the communion of nature with my golfing brethren every time I venture out on course. I thank the essence of humanity for golf.


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